Camouflage Skipper

Hi again, it is time for cool knife


This is the 111mm liner locking Skipper Navy camouflage with the number 0.8593.W942

It is as the name indicates a very maritime knife and many of you remember the older Skipper models with the slide-lock configuration. These 111mm knives and this one are made especially for tasks and demands around the sea and sailing. I have always been a fan of the older Skipper model and sometime ago I discovered this model with the stronger configuration and camo scales. So here we have a Navy designation tool made in Switzerland by Victorinox which is very cool and it got that quality I like. It is no need to go into why this configuration is stronger because you all know this already. Many of the older locking construction models becomes transformed into this tougher construction as you can see on several models made today.

 This tool got an arsenal of functions, really packed with useful functions for tasks on the sea. Starting up with the main combination blade you feel the spring and lock engaging for this strong design of a blade. The marlin spike with shackle opener I have used on the older model and it is very handy and well made for all smaller things, including rope work for me. Victorinox also got a Pro model with less functions all together but with a very sturdy marlin spike with lock.

The camouflage with navy inspriration is very cool and perhaps it got some hidden abilities because it made my camera go “loco” a bit before I could find the perfect light for it. This 111mm also got a lanyard that I like.

The large flat screwdriver with cap opener and notch is lockable as well. Hope you enjoy the pictures!




This is my latest 111mm Victorinox SAK and I must say one of the most surprising knives I have had in my hands for a good time. This is truly a perfect example on a professional knife. I have never had the chance to check out the heavy duty marlin spike that you find on the Skipper Pro model. This is truly exciting for me and important too. It got 3 separate slip joint springs and a locking mechanism for it. The marlin spike consists of two parts riveted together which is very precise.

It is easy to open and close with nice comfortable functionality. I have different books about the history of knives and I have research the web many years and discovered sailor knives, maritime knives and similar knives. Here we have a bit different design compared to the type you find on the slide-lock and transformed liner-lock Skipper. This is clearly a more professional and robust product that is already noticed. The Skipper Pro has been around for a few years so you can find videos about the functions on the web.

This tool consists of basic functions required on the sea or water. Functions that will save the hand for sailors and be a safety knife when necessary. One hand opening combination wavy edge with locking mechanism and the ergonomic handle then the safety is there. No doubt about it.

It is always very exciting to see a function that I have not had in my hands. I really understand this concept and I truly believe that having the basic functions in such a kit is understandable. This is also many times the case with sailor knives. This 111mm knife lifts this concept up to a higher level. I have had sailor knives in my hands before and they are not comfortable. This is a comfortable SAK and contains the basic functions needed. I really like the slide-lock Skipper blue and the transformed liner-locking Skipper in navy blue. This pro model got some of the same functions that you find there but for sure the spike is very robust. The reason for this is clear to see in the videos. Yes, this is a higher level piece of kit! if i should mention one thing it would be that the pro model is a bit on the heavy side. The Services Range construction is stronger built and professional tools require this.


very nice color and decoration on the these...

On the picture to the right you can see the older slide-lock Skipper in Blue vs. the Skipper Pro in blue. It is also possible to get the transformed liner-lock Skipper in blue too. The ergonomics on these knives are very good and comfortable.


Not everyone knows that the Skipper had extra anodizing protection for the aluminum liners because of saltwater environments. I am not sure if it is the same for the liner-locking models. These got stainless steel liners/dividers and aluminum.


Victorinox did make tools before that could be used for purposes on the sea and water. Tools with a Marlin Spike or sacking needle like you know. The slide-lock skipper got the lock for the main blade and not the Spike. The type we are used to is this Marlin Spike with the inner shackle opener.

The transformed liner-lock Skipper also got the lock for the main blade, large screwdriver but not this spike. The Pro type is with a different design and equipped with a lock.  All are very good but I would agree that the pro model is the best. For me it is about learning from others about this and to have this in my collection. I do know a thing or two about wire and how hard it is for the hands without tools. A set of Pliers and the Pro then I would be happy.  I know there are several variations so this is just to show some.

27.02.2021 Skipper blue!

Very appealing design on the scales.

This is my latest 111mm maritime Victorinox liner-lock SAK. This is the Skipper model and it got beautiful functionality. The functions are the same as the navy camouflage and the traditional Skipper model only with liner lock. The 111mm liner-lock category is a more professional Swiss Army Knife. This knife and the Skipper pro represent some of the best of maritime SAKs in my opinion at the moment. I needed this to be up to date with the development in this category. There are some interesting details I needed to see. 


With the history of SAKs you will usually find several variations, this is usually always the case. I have mentioned this many times how the liner-lock category is a very sturdy construction, design and Swiss Army Knife. Another factor worth mentioning again is the corrosion resistance against saltwater environments with the maritime 111mm SAKs. I received some information from Victorinox a long time ago how they used extra anodizing and methods to secure them from corrosion. I am not 100% sure yet if the same is continued on the liner-locking models. Looking over the design and details it is for sure a very solid and well-made model. I am very much into small details on knives. 


The Skipper SAKs are made for sailing and all types of activities on the water which means on lakes, rivers and on the sea/oceans. Safety on the water is very important. You can also see a nice 85mm Wenger and a standard SwissTool by Victorinox.

I received some information before from a secret source (not from Victorinox) that MTs with large pliers are not always welcome in the navy and on ships because they can cause damage to equipment. MTs are superb for all types of tasks, for safety and for EDC. The pliers cannot replace the special purpose tools made for machines, equipment and structures. If the pliers are used correct they can be a very valuable help for tasks on ships and boats for all types of things. Large pliers can save the fingers and hands from sharp things, difficult devices and for the holding/gripping. I guess all MTs enthusiasts have experienced how superb pliers are. The Skipper model got pliers but in a smaller size which can be used for precision tasks. Another example on larger pliers is how well they are to open shackles and rusted items. Especially on the sea with saltwater the metals can rust quickly there. Many times it is used materials that will not corrode, rust or deteriorate. Saltwater can for sure cause changes to the surface on them too which will make it difficult to adjust. I have not seen many materials that will not change by saltwater. I learned that everything related to such environments must have some maintenance and this includes personal knives too. The large pliers can for sure open things that are stuck but will or can cause damage to the things you are changing, adjusting or maintaining. The Skipper models which I like to call Maritime SAKs are excellent tools. I guess everything depends on instructions, what is your post and education with MTs, SAKs and knives. The important factor is having a sharp blade that can cut different materials, next is the helpful functions that can be used for adjusting equipment, rope work and comfort.

Slide-lock Skipper & the liner-lock Skipper in blue

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The 120mm continued after the New Ranger. They had Patent and not pat pend. I say pat pend first then patent next. But! Wenger did many variations! :)

03.01 | 15:08

The old Ranger 120mm is from 1991, on my 1993 it is pat pend I have seen it on 1991 too and Swissbuck as well! Wenger can be a minefield because of variations

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It is a superb question. Wenger used different stamps, some because of european laws. Usually the quality and steel is the same. Which is first? Not sure.

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Hi! Sorry for late answer. I have seen many variations with Wenger, please send pic to

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