Another very valuable help or tool is the pry function on the Leatherman Piranha. On the Victorinox SwissTool there is a function that serves this purpose well too. In some situations it can be useful also here with a secondary tool in combination with different functions on the SwissTools. I really like the Piranha tool in combination with different multi-tools or SAKs in combination.

29.04.2021 Strong crate opener

This is a long overdue update for the pry function article. Victorinox call this crate opener which means you can use it for opening crates. It could be called a pry function then again I am very careful with things like this. It is a very solid versatile function and to be honest I do not like to pry with MTs even if they can take it. In an emergency it can be different in deed. It is also a large flat screwdriver with a very solid design.

On the picture below you can see some functions on a completely new tool. Functions that is easy to recognize from the SwissTools. In some situations you could use some of the functions to help in the task when you need to open something. This is the advantage you have with MTs because functions can fulfil each other very well.  I have no doubts the strong crate opener and screwdriver is very solid because I know this from experience. On my standard SwissTool I have used all the functions without failure. I really put on some force when I used the screwdriver on it too.


Having many functions on a MT is very smart because you can do many extra tasks then. With the metal-file you can make a cut so you can use the large flat screwdriver/crate opener after. The SwissTools are known to be one of the absolute best in the world.


There are many situations and tasks which may require the use of a device to lift, adjust and open with. Things that are stuck and difficult to open can cause damage to the fingers. In other words it can be necessary to have something flat and strong to get in between the problem and carefully loosen for further opening.

10:10 The SwissTools are very strong against corrosion. Actually the best I have ever seen. With some oil on the friction areas then you get the best functionality.
10:17 Been around

10:48 For services and EDC

The pliers can be the pry function number one. It is important to remember the amount of force you can apply with them. You can get a serious amount of force with such a tool. If you slip then you may cause damage to equipment and people. It can be difficult to replace special purpose tools so you would have to be careful.  There is a limit for how much pliers can take too.

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Thank you, Greetings from Norway! This is very interesting I did not know this. Thanks! Best Regards

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Greetings from Hungary! Did you know that the head curve "inspired" the Spyderco Hungarian folder?
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Thanks for this unvaluable information. I´ll translate to spanish for other victorinox fans.

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