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It is time for a big Swiza knife and this is the D10 model. The number of functions on the knives is increased and now we see the bigger tools. It is no surprise that models like these are on the market now because it follows the development we learned in history. It for sure is not going slow. I am very glad to see this model that is my latest Swiza knife. Now we have a model that is much more versatile and I have a little information on the scissors with a small test.

So let’s jump into the scissors information right away. If you see my lineup to the left in the Swiza collection you will find information on the scissors. It is very high quality scissors that cut paper like a dream. I found it to be not so well on adhesive bandage for cutting it into size. I tested the scissors on this which is a bit newer and it cut it without any problem. So I can make a mark in my research information that it is completely satisfactory.

Everything is well done and I cannot find any problems with opening or closing the functions. It does not hurt anywhere because of being a wider model with many layers. All functions are easy to open and close. The D10 is typically a type of model that could be smart to bring in many situations.



There are personal preferences on ergonomics and comfort. One of the advantages with this construction is that it can have many layers which are typically something you find on Swiss knives. There are different categories in length so you get several options on the handle size and functions dimensions. The Swiza construction is from the start a 95mm body with large size functions which is very smart. The D10 is also a 95mm design and now we have a several layer model. It is also now in my opinion around the best possible handle comfort because it is wider. All the knives are comfortable, it is just about the absolute best in this sense. I checked the weight on it to be 135 grams. It is a compact tool.

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21.01 | 09:23

Hi, thank you very much! I believe it could be because of them having different additional functions, example scraper and so forth. BR Trond

21.01 | 09:08

Hi! Thank you very much for question. The awl and chisel can be sharpened by following the grinded angle on them. I will have it in my mind. BR Trond

21.01 | 04:14

Now my question: how come that Vic has got TWO versions of an orange peeling tool in their "small" series. Oranges are not really that important here....

21.01 | 04:08

Hi there, first of all, compliments for this great compilation. the best for SAKs i've seen so far. just one question that only you may anwer (?): see next post

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