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I have discussed much about the different aspects of Swiss Army knives and multi-tools in combination. If you are alone and you are doing maintenance on a device you may need or require combinations or two tools, one in each hand. For sure it is possible to use two Wenger knives or two Victorinox products. I have shown that you can use different products from other countries in combination as well.

If you are two people together or a team then there may be much bigger possibilities because you can before-hand discuss or research what tools you may need. By doing so you can save weight and space, then each person may carry one SAK or Multi-tool. By doing this before-hand you can choose knives and tools that may be used in combination or complement each other. The possibilities are endless. The downside may be if one loose or drop a tool. This can also be double secured if you are a team.

If you study the world of multi-tools or Swiss Army Knives then you discover that there are made an incredible number of tools for a certain job or a tool that is versatile enough for you. When the multi-tool phenomenon started in the 1980s then the philosophy of one tool for everything exploded. It did not take too long before people understood the possibility to make a device to build on the tool or things that could be used in combination.

The best tool is the one for everything but the possibility to build on it or having to separate functions has been used by many makers of knives, SAKs and Multi-tools.  The safest is always that each person carries the tools he or she need for a task. This is the safest for a team as well.

The safest modern Multi-Tool is one tool in a pouch/sheath with a key or a device that can hold a nut/bolt and hold bits. I believe there must be many undiscovered solutions for this.


Remember that bits are very versatile and it is important sometimes to improvise. The hex opening for bits is very genius. If you do not have that possibility then use the plier to hold the bits. A traditional adjustable wrench can be used as a separate combination with knives or multi-tools. A wrench can hold or turn a bolt/nut or hold bits.

no limit update

I have touched different aspects of the modern multi-tool. The key is to find a multi-tool that can incorporate almost everything in one package. If you read on team tools then there is a possibility for one team to have a pack of functions needed to almost anything. For safety it is also very important that each individual carry the basic tools for himself and for equipment. I do believe that survival today is not the same as before because the evolution and history with the society we live in are based on much more. Some survival situations can be rescue and emergency situations that would require a cutting tool for cutting oneself free or others. It can also be natural disasters that may happen. You can see the preppers for such situations on the internet. It can also be in the outdoors far away from other people. It can be the maintenance and situations in a car, in a boat or in a cabin in the wilderness. The multi-tool is the evolution of everything for such tasks and for the everyday life or for people at work. It can be on your bicycle or for the kayak. It is very difficult to be prepared for everything but is for helpful to attempt and to have the mental attitude that is positive.

The multi-tool can be used in combination with other tools to build a package of bits and keys for far greater tasks than one tool may perform. All this can be in one pouch and it can include flashlight and emergency devices as well. The possibility to produce heat is one of the major factors you learn and how important this is to know. Shelter and a fire for heat is one of the top factors to know.

I would say that a multi-tool like Leatherman, Victorinox and Wenger or Gerber is of great help. The biggest weakness of a multi-tool is that everything is in one body or construction. It is very helpful if the tool can use different bits and that it got a hex opening. This is very smart! What is even smarter is the use of separate functions and keys as well. It increases the versatile abilities very much. The big advantage with two separate devices is that one of them can be much smaller in size and less versatile. If one is really prepared one would have two sets that can fulfill each other completely. Both must be able to carry bits and turn a bolt. Maybe two different plier designs as well. The advantage with two tools is also the possibility for a backup and one can be used for food tasks. It is very interesting to know that this possibility today is there. On the internet you can see people with one pouch that contain a multi-tool and a plier + some additional things. You do not see always people with two separate multi-tools. This is like I have touched because one tool is called a “multi-tool” because everything should be in one body alone. There is how ever no law that would say two tools would be wrong.  Most multi-tools today should be enough and there are different products with different functions for many needs. That sad I can say that every product got holes in the picture. It is important that you find them if you have a philosophy and picture. In most cases it can be as simple as bringing two extra bits for the one multi-tool. It depends on how prepared you want to be and for what situation. The use of combination tools today is not new but there are for sure holes in the picture and I do believe there are much smarter people than me out there that will find better solutions.

Some would for sure not agree with my information on this. Some survivalists would say it would be over doing the preparations. I do not agree because there are two sides to it. Survival situations are the ones that would probably not happen. It is better to be prepared still. The other is for all the equipment and infrastructure we have today. SAKs and multi-tools also got that ability to fit in situations where normal tools do not fit. This is a known fact! Then you are prepared where others are not. In some situations you have two separate tools and you can do the tasks faster than people with professional tools. Then you are prepared where others are not. You fulfill the holes in the picture. This goes both ways too.




Wenger and Victorinox are excellent alone. They are even greater in combination!



The SAK may fit for the intended tasks and for things that other tools may not. The secret with SAKs is also improvisation and to be able to manage by minimal functions available. This is important to learn. It is also important to know the things it does not fit. A knife can adapt into many situations but at some point it will be limited by its functions or the versatile mind that uses it. Combination tools increases the functionality and open new chapters for the versatile mind as well. To pick one perfect tool require research. Combination tools will have the ability to surprise you!


One man team or team 11.11.2020


The SwissTool is one of the best MTs in the world still. One of the best concepts today could be having a separate pocket-knife, folder or tool in combination with MTs. The ability for team tools can enhance everything. The most important factor is to have a knife with you!  I know there are plenty of people that prefer having a separate blade for different things. The idea about having a backup blade plays a role too “Not dumb I would say”

The concept of “not” bringing a knife or tool can be really dangerous.

Please check out my SwissTools pages to the left. It is important not to be locked in a mindset.

17.02.2021 Beautiful functionality

The Plus large SwissTools or spirit configurations with key and bits are what I consider something extra. One of these together with fixed blades then it is really outstanding. 

28.04.2021 SwissTool X

This is my latest Victorinox SwissTool X. I would guess metal addicted MultiTool users would agree they are something extra. This one is going in my collection for two important reasons, one is the obvious collection and the other is to look for differences in the design. This one got the number 3.0327.L (leather pouch)


Rugged MTs can be used alone or even better when together with a fixed blade or other tools. That combination is used by many. Every individual person can have a fixed blade and MT in their philosophy. By using some tactical mindset you have enhance this very much by using team-tools to fulfil a much bigger ability.

The cost of a SwissTool X today is perhaps a bit high. In my experience SwissTools are very durable, rugged and comfortable to use.


MTs can be used for almost anything. 

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26.07 | 23:05

Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

26.07 | 19:22

Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

01.07 | 23:13

Hi, sure I would like to see, BR.

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Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
I could email them to you.


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