Next is a very interesting fact and that is the metal-file used on SAKs. I will not talk so much about the different variations besides that the new stainless steel types used are a bit coarser. Never the less they are much more versatile than just to be used on metal. It is mentioned that one side can be used as a nail-file and so on too. However the function: For people that have worked some on wood they know the use of files and sandpaper and the different grit used. The metal-file on SAK can be used on different materials like wood and plastics as well. Actually on wood it is an excellent tool!

In the history people did not always have so many tools to make a knife handle with. They used a simple homemade hand drill, a knife and some files.

I did learn for myself that it is fully possible to get a nice surface on a knife handle without sandpaper or to use it before sanding.

The metal-files before the stainless steel were usually Case-hardening Steel and the surface was a bit better to be used on wood. Never the less I believe the new is an improvement for the particular use on Swiss Army Knives. The Case Hardening types can cut metal and be used as a metal-saw because this is why it was made and be used to clean metal surfaces or the different tasks you need. Same with the new type.

It is not so that this function is just a gimmick. No! They are intended for use and made for this.

A metal-file surface can have coarser and a less coarse surface and this you can take advantage of. The pressure you put on the wood surface can be adjusted very easy with you own hand. Light pressure will give a finer surface. In this sense you can with the pressure get a similar effect as the different grits on a paper. I believe many today have forgotten the use of a file.

a knife handle i made many years ago, used files before the final sanding.

Continue and update

Is there are secret code to a Swiss Army Knife? Answer is yes with a smile.

We know the different tool combinations is important for the different tasks it is intended for. For example a survival tool for use in the wilderness usually could have very few basic tools.  Best would be more functions because you never know when you will need it.

On small wood work the use of the blade, metal-file, wood saw and awl can be very valuable tools to have. The combination of the wood saw and metal-file can be much more versatile than one would expect. We know from knife history that people used only a few basic tools. Worn metal-files could be used on wood or in knife making. People used a knife blade to whittle or carve the knife handle sometimes. If we add things together then it is obvious that the little wood saw on a SAK can be used for the pre wood piece and more. For small wood work the SAK works. The large wood saw on the 130mm Rangers and 111mm Services Range cut the ash wood on the picture like nothing. It takes some more time with the smaller ones. Then one should take good time when doing wood anyhow. The knife handle above is masur birch.


“It is more difficult to use a SAK blade when carving and a lock can be helpful here” It is fully possible though. Some prefer it.

Continues and updates

The blades on the 91mm or 85mm knives are slim and would need regular sharpening when used on wood. This is easy with a stone or a diamond sharpener. I can also mention since I discussed some of the older days and how people used very few tools. The knife blade was a multi-tool and still is for some. Worn blades was not thrown away, they could see new life as a completely different tool like a reamer for example. It could be used to make holes in leather or other materials.


Important update

There are plenty of things you can do in a situation with a metal file/saw if you do not have a plier or the correct screwdrivers. If it is used hex, phillips or torx and you have a metal file/saw then you can if it is possible to reach it use the saw and make the notch you want. It will be as wide as the saw if you are careful and handy! Use the flat screwdriver you find on most SAKs. If the notch you cut is as wide as the saw it is usually not a problem with a flat screwdriver if this is slimmer than the flat screwdriver notch. It will usually work out if you are careful.

Some material is harder to cut but it can be done. It is also possible to use the metal file/saw on other materials and equipment to make grooves or different notches for different tasks.

 The advantage with the correct screwdrivers and bits is the ability to save the equipment, save time and for comfort. It may be necessary to use the metal saw and cut in a situation. It is smart to practice a bit. It is also fully possible to cut the head of a screw completely and this is done in the same fashion. You cut on the top in the center and the head will collapse and this can be done on nuts and bolts as well. There is a limit for this tool but for sure it is smart to know what you can do.

For sure in some cases it is possible to use the file and file the top of a small screw completely down. It is sometimes only possible to reach in this way and file the top down. You can do it!


ancient fishing update

I am fond of comfort but for those of you that are into survival tools and how to use unconventional devices than you see some heavy duty survival tools on the picture. Two very long nails can be used for an incredible number of things. They are not so pointy so you can use the metal file and sharpen them. You can use the file to make an “against notch”. What I am getting at is that you know one of the best ways to hunt for fish is at night with a light. A flashlight can be used for hunting fish yes. I do not believe it is legal but in a survival situation some place in the world that would not be the first one would think about. With a light you can at night on shallow water in small streams and rivers use the flashlight and your “fork” that you can make of 2-4 nails depending. This you can make yourself with some wood and remember to use something to pre hole so the wood does not go apart. Or you can use something else as a base and also remember to lock the nails on the back or in way so when you spear the fish that it is caught secure. Use something as a stick so you can get reach.  Fish in small rivers, lakes and streams will stand still in the light and this is the key and kind of strange. That the fish will stand still but remember it is an ancient way of fishing and one of the most successful. In the old days people used crude lights and even torches with fire. For sure you can make a fork of wood as well! From ancient times people caught crayfish, fish and other food sources in the water with crude devices and fire.

With nails you can use the metal file and make your own devices and you can make ice spikes before hand so if you go through the ice you can use one in each hand on the ice. Make something on the spikes as a handle. Nails can be used for hunting animals too. Please do not use this in a wrong way!




Remember that nails are usually no problem to shape with a metal file. Different hardened steel could be to mcuh for the metal file. The same is with padlocks, good luck!

29.06.2022 Victorinox

 With some variations in the dates in or around 2005 Victorinox went from the case hardening metal file/ saw for the stainless design. The one on the picture to the right is the stainless model. It is double sided just like the case hardening editions. Victorinox got a high quality for them all. The stainless edition got a more aggressive surface. I have tested this before. I have several SAKs with this type on them.

20:02 The 91mm is still a highly functional Swiss Army Knife.


I usually use it is spray but I got this nice bottle short time ago.

Helps for the removing of dirt, substances and rust.

08.08.22 Mountaineer

Big thank you to my collector friends!

This is my latest 91mm Mountaineer configuration. I am super glad to find this in original box unused. So far I have placed this to be late 1970s to early 1980s. To me it is around 1980 so this suggests it to be over 40 years old. This SAK is like new!

09.08.22 another one

I am pleased to show you my latest 91mm and this is another Mountaineer configuration. It is the one to the left and this got the ink numbering for the box. It is difficult to draw and certain conclusion regarding when they changed this or if they used both for some time. The other one got the typed numbering.

There are some small differences on the metal-file. I believe this one is early 1980s or very close to the one I showed yesterday. The condition is beautiful, never used at all. The metal-files on the 91mm knives are also a nail-file with cleaner tip which is obvious. Old metal files are without the tip section for this.  

14:10 some obvious differences!

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