Here is one more Wenger knife with an icon on the scale. This is a Wenger Camper 17 and with the Evolution.

Knife people and multi-tool enthusiast usually agree that the basic functions and the combination of saw and scissors. This is also used in different knife philosophies around the world. Over the years I have found different discussions on this combination and it is interesting. Some people get a SAK with functions that look functional for their needs. Some people are much more carefully in their selection of a knife. This can be because of many factors and I will share some of my information and knowledge on why people are careful. I have talked on the sportsmen knives or outdoors knives made by Wenger. The icon or symbol is not just put on to be an eye catcher, it is put on because this is a knife that would fit the easy camping chores or outdoors needs. It can also be identified with person’s interests. The use of a tent on a SAK scale is not new in history either.

The combination I mentioned is important for field work especially. The wood saw is a multifunction tool that can be used on much more than wood. The possibility to have a small saw is helpful because you can make a shelter or different items needed for camping. The scissor is very helpful for personal hygiene or first aid. Everyone that has done service, scouting or outdoors tasks know about this. The basic functions are always there to fulfill the package needed for the outdoors.

The tool selection on a knife is very important to have in mind. We also know that Wenger entered the marked on camping gear and tents. In a way I feel that this knife tell a nice story on the history of Swiss Army Knives. Luckily I know both Brands and I have always noticed how the knives with this combination is among the bestselling knives or most popular. The Victorinox Huntsman is a knife that I would believe everyone knows and have seen.

It is interesting in the history how the new implements and sportsmen knives or utility/versatile knives entered the market. Victorinox also got a famous camper knife with Camping logo, this knife got the saw and not scissors. The Camping logo has also been used on other knives with more functions by Victorinox. Sometimes it is a small factor in philosophy that can make the selection of tools and names. The reason for names on them can be far too complicated to speak about. However with a Camping logo on the scale then it is a knife that would fit the basic camping chores.

Many people decide to use a Swiss Army Knife solution and on food chores as well. Then the scissors would not be the best combination because of hygiene. It depends on the use; I would always recommend a fixed blade for food chores. The combination SAK and fixed blade knife is the absolute best. Same is a multi-tool with pliers and a fixed blade. At least this is my educated knowledge.

The Wenger Camper 17 is a knife for my collection of knives with icons on scales and it is absolutely a very nice one that would be very useful. I have used knives with the saw/scissors combination and I love it!

In the service I learned that a plastic garbage bag can save your life. A tarpaulin can also save your life and be used for shelter and one can make things from it. With a SAK because it is so small and easy to carry can be in a pocket and used in a situation. It is not a joke! I have seen discussions and philosophies that are very specific on just how versatile SAK are.

I recommend taking a tour on the internet and see the history of SAKs and the combinations of functions in history.

Saw update

I hope you can take the time to see my pages and to read about the knives with functions. I have talked about the wood saw that it is a multifunction tool that can be used for very many tasks. It is useful to cut thick rope or wood. It can be used for hunting and dressing of animals. Most of all I would say that the small woods saw is the one function that makes this little 85mm knife a competitor against large fixed blade knives. The reason for this is the ability to cut a thick branch even faster than a large fixed blade knife and with precision. One should never under estimate the functionality of a Victorinox 91mm and a Wenger 85mm category. There are people in the world that would surprise on just how useful they are.


Scissors update


The scissors is also a multifunction tool that can be used for very many tasks. Personal hygiene includes the possibility to cut fingernails. It is very uncomfortable if there is a problem with a fingernail in the field. It is not easy to use the knife blade for that. In different first aid kits there are to be found a scissors often. That is a very helpful tool for first aid and especially the precision cut of the bandage or adhesive. In a first aid kit a scissor may be very valuable to have. It is also easier to precision cut plastic bags or a tarpaulin. It can be used to make things.



For sure the toenails are very important when outdoors. The SAK scissors can be used for this too because I have tested this before. There is of course a limit.

When outdoors there is not many things that can be more irritating and uncomfortable than a damaged toenail.


The serrated scissors by Wenger got some advantages and disadvantages. The nail file function with tip is of valuable help in combination with a scissor.



Internet update

In my milestones in Norwegian writing i have put in some factors and development in history. There are some special camping and outdoors waves that got influence on the development on knives.

The famous Backpacker magazine is well known among SAK people.

I recommend taking a tour on Google books and to see the articles and advertisings on knives and development. You can get much help from such research! It is possible to use this and compare with knives you got. It is sad that most of the scanned Google newspapers are no longer active because this was a huge help. Some newspapers can still be found but one needs further work or cost to use databases. Just imagine the help it is to have magazines, newspapers, knives and information from the factories. If you also find knife catalogues then it is possible to use advanced research. The you can use patent databases and then i would believe that people understand what internet has become. It will however require an analytic mindset. Researching Wenger knives is the most difficult and just “imagine” that sometimes it is used knives on the pictures that does not have the latest modifications at the time. There are a number of factors that you will need to have in mind. The internet can be a very valuable tool for a SAK enthusiast.

The scanned newspapers got much complaint from Companies and other people that the scanned newspaper database produced many problems because of all the information that suddenly was available to the public. There are also other theories on the internet and by people on why the database was stopped. I am sure it got nothing to do with SAKs.

It is also important that the information still available on the internet if it is books, magazines or other media that it is respectfully used. It can be a great help and a valuable tool to have. For an analyst I would believe internet to be an incredible source.



 Restrictions update


Restrictions of information

It is obvious on the internet and in the world that because of all the information on the internet some restrictions arrive.  It is a bit sad because the number of patents available to the normal public is limited. Why? I can only see positive factors with a huge information flow.

I see myself as lucky to be one of the people that learned a great deal from scanned newspapers and patent databases more early. I realized the incredible help this had very early.

For sure I can understand that it can cause complications for different laws and regulations for a Company. Still there is a good deal of information to be found. It was a milestone in internet history when the scanned newspapers was launched and the “oh shit” factor must have shocked the world.

I have noticed the restrictions of information during the last years and I do believe it is sad.



Financial internet


It did not take long before the financial parts of the internet possibilities arrived and many restrictions and limitations are because of this. There is for sure also other reasons for limitations.

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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

01.07 | 23:13

Hi, sure I would like to see, BR.

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Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
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