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Truly a joy collecting and researching the economy made knives produced under different names. Sometimes you find knives in the original box and that is always a bonus. It could be necessary to be sure the SAK really belongs to that particular box. It could have been misplaced one time or another and so forth.

Some of the economy products boxes got some cool designs and you get the advantage with the model number on it as well. Cannot complain about such I would say.

This page is only going to be some nice pictures about some of the economy models in box I discovered the last few years. The materials used for the box is usually similar to a stiff thicker paper.

Multi-Language Box and you can find this and rather similar packaging with different tang stamps! This one is marked economy on the box and the backside tang stamp on the knife is economy stamped. Even so you can find variations. This Box and knife is in very nice condition, only some oil spots on the box.

Partial blister package and display box


Can be opened without damaging it.........

The best is when the box is in very nice shape.

Number side with the new numbering system after 1980 approx. Not all boxes got the Victorinox name on them!

84mm numbering

You can find that the numbering is applied with different methods.

The value on SAKs with original box is much higher.


This box to the right is extra interesting and it is without the Victorinox name. The Victorinox SAK in it got a very special tang stamp. Some information suggests that the numbering change happened in the 70s. Because the knife is from around 1975. It is worth having in the mind and also that some blades can or have been used later in history. This box show clear signs of age…………….

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22.09 | 18:02

Hi! Very nice to hear. Best Regards Trond

22.09 | 17:01

You're welcome. I participated in the said NOCUS meeting in 1987, and received one of these knifes. Stil have it :)

13.09 | 20:43

Hi, thank you vert much! Wenger used the name Packlock for the locking mechanism also called Packlock system. Best Regards

13.09 | 16:04

Hello - Love your site - Please can you clarify if this system called the paclock or padlock system? Thank you

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