loverly weather today 30.03.2015. Still no size on the fish. Much fun anyway and it will be a good dinner, see next pictures

Here is a cool fish and it is a Skrubbe (Platichthys flesus). I released it. The skin is like sandpaper almost.

Here is a Hvitting (Merlangius merlangus). These taste wonderful but i released it.

Nice Pollock and good eating:) i caught and ok Cod as well. The Pollock liked green and silver bronze colored 100 gram lure.

This is how the Skrubbe looks under. Did you know that these fish can be found on the bottom and that they have camouflage and if scared it can shake so sand are distributed over it and just the eyes can be visible

These fish can be left or right sided

very special texture

01.04.2015 It was fresh on the sea today. Still no size on the fish but i will have a nice cod dinner. On this picture you can see a Mink swimming. This species should not be here. The combination Mink, Seal and Phalacrocoracidae is not good for the balance in the sea. I do believe it is human error that the Mink is here. It is an anminal that can survive and it is tough. It can attack large birds, also Swans

teaching the jung

As said it is no special size yet on the cod, there are 50cm only so far. It will be a boiled cod anyway:) This is the whole idea for me

This picture today 01.04.2015 is from the river on our way out. I have observed Mink on many small islands from my kayak last year. The Mink will damage the bird population very much.

03.04.2015 Lovely day out with family.

Some good food on the fire

Got good use of the Wenger New Ranger blade and plier. The plier performed perfect. The tip can be used but the pipe wrench was extra secure and comfortable.


04.04.2015 Picture for you. I believe they enjoy the sun.

many places on the islands and coast there are much evidence on from the Ice Age and the time after. Here you see one track and if you see my next pictures as well...

There will always be erosion from the elements and surroundings that in some cases can change the apperance further. This place i could call the propeller because it gives flavour to the imagination, it can be a paw print or a flower as well, see next picture of the same place and see what i mean...

08.04.2015 Finally the size on the fish is better, we got 3 in this size today and released some smaller ones. Still it is not the best fishing yet. I am going to have cod for dinner today:)Happy because it only took one hour to get them. PS it is important to kill the fish when landed.

200 gram Pilk, this was good today:)Lovely weather today

From the Ice Age


I found the correct light on day

Small part of the Fort on Sandviga

Enjoy the picture from me Trond AKA Høvdingen There is much history with this lighthouse and area. I got the book on it.

12.04.2015 i recommend spending some time out. Just 30minutes up in the country on a bike there are many nice places. Then i walked to a nice area for only 25 minutes up. See next two pictures

Nice with the wind on the water.

this is on the trail up...

Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Liverleaf got a very special history in people`s medicine. You will be surprised!

13.04.2015. 99,8 % of all the pictures on are mine (Trond).Please take the tour. On the picture is the Smallwort(vårkål). This was a spring vegetable and the leaf contain C vitamine. It got much history in medicine and some are funny:)

13.04.2015 view from The Fort, in the summer it is much more green on the tree`s. I grew up on the islands

View from The Fort towards the two lighthouses. Around the two islands with the lighthouses we used to catch crab with light and net when we were growing up.

Small Crab is not used as a food source here but it can be. These can be caught with simple means and not like the large that require a light at night and a net on a pole. When we were extra small we learned how to catch these smaller ones and it was exciting, it still is:)

There are many variations on the small crab. Nice colors!

The crab is important for the balance in the sea. if you want to catch them then you can make someting with the SAK and crush some shells.

This one did not notice it was on land because it did continue to eat for some time.

some crab almost play dead when caught, this one is a fighter and it is in defence position

In this position when someting get in reach it swings both claws towards

This is the way to hold it, it crabbed grass on the ground to make it difficult to be lifted. I was careful with it.

It is not uncommon to find them with one large and one small claw. They grow a new one if one is lost.

One large claw. They will also try to pull the food towards the water. They find their way into water again. All crab was released safe and sound.

The Crab on the pictures are all Strandkrabbe(Carcinus maenas)They are considered to be a delicay some places. They change their shells and the male is usually larger than the female. They mate belly against belly.

you can make a small net with some rope with your SAK. Crush some Mytilus edulis with a stone. Put them in the net with a stone. The crab is on soft and hard bottom, under rocks and in the seaweed. It is fun to see them finding their way towards the food. It does not take long before they are there. They can be found from 30cm water down to 200 meters. They can pinch pretty good. A grown hand does not feel much. The large crab(cancer pagurus) however can really pinch, believe me i have tried it.

The Carcinus maenas is important for the eco system here. It is also an invasive species some places in the world. It eat most things for sure, it is a clean the sea. The introduction of foreign species can have huge impact across the world. It is sometimes unavoidable. These crab fight with each other. They also eat jellyfish the stinging types.

crab got a very good sense of smell, and the Carcinus maenas can dig into the seabed very fast. They dig down into sand very fast. It is a robust species in my mind. They are usually from 30cm down to 7 meters but can be seen down to 200 meters.

It can be agressive but also not, if it is an invasive species in some countries then there are possibilities for the problem, here it is important for the system.

15.04.2015, My dinner, there are some of these out now. Rain today and not the good light form the sun that show the beautiful colors on this coalfish. Very healthy food. The color, i do not mean the remains of the blood. In the Sunlight you can see color variations on the side of the fish, many do not notice this.

16.04.2015 Nice together:)

special grown , is it a Ildkjuke (Phellinus igniarius)?

17.04.2015 Eremittkreps Familie Paguridae, these borrow or use empty shells.

I did try to lure it out but it did not want to show itself. You can try crushed shells to lure it out. You can see the claws anyhow inside. They are quick to hide when catched.

here it started to move one leg but it hesitated. There is something interesting, it is a loner but the case may be different because of symbiosis with other species. I released it at the same place i found it.

Small crab eating, i have already informed what type in this gallery.

30 Seconds on land does not hurt the crab. I got a bit wet today and took the shortest way home:)

these crab got 10 feet/legs, two of them are claws, the other got spikes. They use all the feet to hold on to a surface and can get a good grip on the bare rocks. They move sideways and can be quick moving. Can also move in other directions. They try to hide when they can. They breath with gills

Bird tracks in the sand

Different tracks

Not far from Storesand today 18.04.2015 and this is a Infraklasse Docoglossa Albusnegl. It is a snail, see next pictures..

They can attach very hard on rock and they are under water and moves around eating...I used my SAK to gently lift it up, i found a small opening and lifted.

It did not want to come out and was hiding, you can see some of the head i believe. Nice colors!

It is a weird creature, when it was placed back it did not take long before it attached on the rock again.

Fjærerur Semibalanus balanoides. When we grew up we learned to avoid them because they are very sharp and can give nasty cuts when swimming or jumping from the rocks. Some of the ones on the picture is empty and some alive. They open when water is over them. They are in the tide sone, sometimes over for a long time during the day.

19.04.2015 Not far from Bottstangen Tromøy today, see next pics

Found some more Infraklasse docoglossa

maybe i have found a New function/use for the flat screwdriver on SAKs, they attach hard on the rocks.

It did not want to come out but i managed to lure it some, you see the head pretty good

look how strange the pine grow here in the Raet national park area

Klasse Asteroidea, fascinating!

Under it, did you know that on the end of each arm it got an eye?

I believe this snail to be Patella Vulgata and it can be used as a food Source. They move at night and live off algae and they got a big squeegee that you can see on my picture. they use the tungue/radula and scrape algae. The teeth are considered to be the strongest material in the world(info from internet)

20.04.2015 The weather today was wonderful and warm, one Pollock has a small roe and i will eat it. There is some cod and coalfish too. Not any size yet. I used the Wenger plier today:) Also see next pics

+ a Wenger knife for safety:) No use for it but is there incase.

On the way in..

20.04.2015 I took a two hour paddle trip and i went on land and a goose took off next to me. I was unavoidable and I took a picture of the eggs and entered my kayak again. So it could get back to its eggs again. The geese eggs are large. See next two pics

There are many geese now, i cannot remember so many.

On my way home i saw something shiny under water and yes it was a Møre Silda Lure in very good condition:) These are expensive:)

22.04.2015 Small Crab Strandkrabbe(Carcinus maenas) is very strong, it can go under the net and flip it over with the stone in it.

here is another type of snail: Nettsnegl Nassarius reticulatus. I believe that is the correct name. It is different than the Infraklasse docoglossa patella vulgata. The picture is above water and you can see what i believe is the blowpipe if we can call it so. Let me know if you have information. See next Pictures.

One thing is for sure it likes shells very much.

weird stuff :)

They really like shallow soft ground, this i found on only 15cm depth

here you see a fast creature or a shrimp. I remember as a kid how we found it to be.

26.04.2015 used my bike(Bicycle) and had my breakfast in the woods. Took some pictures, see the next 4 Pictures.

Very happy with this Picture:)

I believe this is papirlav(Platismatia):)

Not too bad for sure....

my bike

27.04.2015 On our way out some diving going on. Caught some Pollock today and i had on someting big for sure but it let go. Further out it started to get windy. The Wenger New Ranger pliers works very well.

Some days ago:) Kystvakt(coast guard) in the distance)

Strandnellik (Armeria maritima)

I found this in the waterline(tide area) today 27.04.2015. I believe it is a Purpursnegl(Nucella lapillus). It was barely under water. See next 2 pictures

It is very much alive:)

i released it safe and sound and it attached to the rocks again. On this picture you can see the nice shape of it.

28.04.2015 Asperholmen, in this place it is a mix salt and fresh water. See next 4 pics

safety knife:)

This trip was just a 3 hours out and home but one must eat a bit :)


Tjuvholmene today 30.04.2015 from boat:) Caught some dinner and went home

A passenger today

01.05.2015 had a paddle trip to Tjuvholmene today, see next 4 pictures


This is part of the moraine and it is full of tracks from the ice-age

Some wind today but not too much:)

Please leave the island how it was and do not leave garbage on the island.

03.05.2015 Today i was supposed to do some fishing from kayak. I did paddle out but it was not safe so no fishing at all. I went back into the river and found a nice quiet place and took some pictures instead:) see next two pictures

I have a strong feeling this is the beaver`s art. I have followed the beaver activities during the last years. There are mostly pine, juniper, spruce + some other tree`s and bushes left. The tree`s with leaves the beaver eat and cut down. It influence the nature very much but this is the nature.

Ant-heap and they were very active

Kvistlav(Hypogymnia physodes) is easy to find in the nature. i hope the correct English Words: It contain physodes acid and physodal acid. Did you know ? :)

04.05.2015 Here is a shell that i wonder about? I found it again some days ago in the tide-zone

sorry for the picture quality on this but it was grown weird, let me know:)

i would like to guess it is a Sadelskjell(Anomiidae)Let me know:)

Rur(Balanidae)Semibalanus balanoides. We call it skjellrur. Some say it should not be called a shell, i am not sure i agree. It is a shell around and inside it is a Crustacea and it opens and use a fan like cirri device to filter for food. Balanidae are called waving angels :)

06.05.2015 This should be "knivkjuke" in history used to hold knives in. It got an Incredible number of uses in medicine and other. (Piptoporus betulinus)See next pic

Same type..

i believe this is Sølvnever(Lobaria amplissima) Nice grown! :)

07.05.2015 Out for a picture raid with my kayak, this is beaver feces.

Polyporaceae, happy with this picture in Nidelva

I found this on a trip today 08.05.2015 just 50 minutes up country on Bicycle. I am looking for what type, strange grown it is:)

09.05.2015 I have been waiting for this :) very close to my appartment. Rødrandskjuker (Fomitopsis pinicola)The colors on them was amazing today, see next Pictures. Grown on spruce

special color:)

Have a nice day!

Rødrandkjuke(Fomitopsis pinicola) i really recommend reading on it on the web, you will be surprised with a guarantee. The medical abilities does show that the nature is fantastic. I already knew about this. I did not know that the Cree indians used it too!

10.05.2015 I had a nice paddle today enjoying myself. Some wind but warm sun finally. Picture from Brattholmene. I did paddle around for a few hours. This place is also close to the outer part of the fishing zone, atleast I do believe so. The line goes from Asperholmen. Anyhow I will soon start fishing from my kayak again.

Same thing here rolled rocks and it is in the Raet landscape and reservation. This island is on the border on this as well.

Marker and directional guide

here is the Rødrandkjuke(Fomitopsis pinicola) again. i could not resist one picture in the little sunshine through the tree`s. The colors vary with age and the light, enjoy...

here is another one, maybe a bit more dull...

This should also be a Rødrandkjuke(Fomitopsis pinicola) with guttation drops:)

11.05.2015 I have rarely or never seen so many Anser anser "gray goose" in the last year I have seen extra large flocks. There are important nesting areas here.

This should also be "knivkjuke" Piptoporus betulinus. It got a large number of medicinal properties. Used as a pincushion for sharp Tools and knives. Did you know that the iceman Ötzi had pieces of it with him? :)

Cool :)

12.05.2015 I am not completely sure what this is called, first i wondered if it is fiolkjuke(Trichaptum abietinum) that is covered in algae? See next picture..

Pretty amazing anyway. PS did you know that different Polyporaceae are used for coloring or for dyeing?

looking for these can be fun and to try and learn more about them. To try and figure out what types. Here are some more interesting ones on spruce. I guess rødrandkjuke (Fomitopsis pinicola) again that is strange grown. It could also be a different type, let me know because it is interesting!

13.05.2015 I could not resist today and set out in my kayak. I could here some Thunder in the distance and one should be careful so one does not get hit by lighting. I do not believe it was any danger today. See next pictures..

i did some fishing from my kayak and it was much small fish today so alot catch and release but it was good training. I took home one ok cod.

have a nice day..

14.05.2015 I had a walk today with the dog. On the picture is a what we call "Stålorm" ( Anguis fragilis) It is actually not a snake. It is a Lizard. I saved its life because it would have been killed on the road. It was warming itself in the sun.

It got some nice colors.

(Fomes fomentarius) I would believe:)

I found a new trail today on my island and what did i find:) ?

Snapped off because of the Polyporaceae?

(Fomes fomentarius) in the different shape/form, if not let me know:) This Birch was had many of them and it was snapped off, see left picture..

Could it be a deer that used its horns:)

Did you know that different Growth on tree`s also can be used as a directional guide?

I guess it is a rødrandkjuke(Fomitopsis pinicola) Very nice colors on this!


Kristtorn "holly"

There is alot of different growth on this picture, also a web:)

16.05.2015 Some rain today, had a nice walk. This is knivkjuke (Piptoporus betulinus), see next pictures

I recommend looking for such in the nature because it can be a big challenge to distinguish the types. I am not sure if this could be Raggkjuke (Trametes hirsuta)?

This i believe could be Fiolkjuke (Trichaptum abietinum)

Deer tracks

18.05.2015 Out fishing in boat and today the sea was a big food tray. I caught much coal fish and herring + a pollock. I could not get towards the bottom. Healthy cod on the picture.

The seagulls cot a really good meal too from cleaning the fish. The weather was fantastic.

Good shot :)

had a walk with the dog and i found this again. Knuskkjuke(Fomes fomentarius) i believe and the branch grown through. Fomes fomentarius is for several years.

Rødrandkjuke(Fomitopsis pinicola) Also a several years type. It looks like it is glowing.

badger nest...

Two more pictures today. The bever eat many different tree`s and bushes

I am looking for what type this is and i may have to og back and see under them one day. PS did you know that "knivkjuke" " Rødrandkjuke" and "knuskkjuke" can be used to make paper? Other types can also be used:)

Rødrandkjuke(Fomitopsis pinicola) I believe :)

20.05.2015 Here is something interesting. They are upside down because another tree fell over and broke it down. The red line and color should be a hint i believe but i suspect there is some more to this? Let me know if you have info?? I also wonder if its been so for a good time and because it is upside down the sun may have made the color so..It looks like birch and not a Alder type?

I do believe it is Birch and since the end of the log is in freshwater for long periods of time this may also influence the development?

My Guess is rødrandkjuke(Fomitopsis pinicola) on Birch. Since it is upside down it is a bit strange devloped and special....

took this picture today of a butterfly:)

and this is one more of the upside down rødrandkjuke, with age they do get a brownish pores but especially the ones i shown before i feel. This concludes pictures page 13. You will be surprised just how long i have walked around this island and places :) 500 km for this number 13 :))

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