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I dag | 18:38

Hi, yes it is worth it. I would not go higher. Go for it. Best Regards

I dag | 16:24

Hello Trond. I need your advice. A person has the sale of a wenger squire "s.a.k. World club" special edition, used in good condition, for which he asks for 24 dollars. Is a good price? Is it a rare enough edition? Worth it?

29.08 | 09:20

I can also mention that the multi-ribbed surface been used on the larger 93mm from 1957 so it is possible many variations could been made 1970 until today. BR

29.08 | 08:55

Hi, congratulations! I never found the exact dates. The nail file around the mid-1980s, the line-ribbed to multi-ribbed later, perhaps late 1980s. Best Regards

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