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Hi everyone and thank you for visiting Because of so much negative news in the world regarding the corona I have some knives to show instead. On the pictures you can see the Victorinox Huntsman, Swiza C04 khaki and the Helle Kletten.

For traditional EDC most users prefer smaller knives that fit well it the pocket. The wonderful thing with Swiss knives is the ability to adapt into the outdoors. In the outdoors size matters but for sure many prefer small knives and tools there too. Which is interesting and important be aware about. Some would bring along two or three different knives for their philosophy. It can be specific functions for equipment and safety. It relieving because brute force is a no-no for some. I like to read about things like this and all the clever tricks people do. For me I have used both larger and smaller tools.

I got a couple Swiza C04 khaki models with some different dates. I really like this model. You can find some more on it under my Swiza lineup.

The Victorinox 91mm category is famous for being able to adapt in to pretty much every aspect there is. The Huntsman is famous and do not require much introduction. Everyone recognizes it immediately when in the hand. Some of my pages on speak about my research on combinations of functions and also separate knives.

The folding knife is the new beautiful folder from Helle called Kletten. It is a stout quality design with a razor triple laminated stainless blade. It is impressive and I cannot find any negative factors to mention. This pocket knife fit very well with my subject today. It can do smaller outdoors tasks too. What a cool knife! This is impressive.


What to use in the outdoors or for traditional EDC is up to each and every individual to decide. There are many products made in the world. Having a cutting tool and functions can be very important and a life saver.




Pocket knives and flashlights go hand in hand. I have been playing around for some time with the Olight S1 Baton Mini. This is a little gem of an EDC light that could be used for more than traditional EDC. It produces 600 lumens on maximum and it got several modes that are operated by one button. It got one rechargeable battery that lasts surprisingly well. Because it is so small and lightweight it can be used as a head lamp attached on the rim of the cap. It also got a magnetic back that can be used for attaching the flashlight on metal. Just really cool!


Is it still the basic functions you want?

There is always a reason for why the basic functions are used in my opinion because they are the most iconic and represents the most important functions for EDC. Many want the slim models and functional basic models because they are easy to carry and pocket friendly. The strange thing with the flat screwdrivers you typically find on basic models seems to continue to be very functional. This could perhaps be a bit strange since we have so many different assembly screws used in the modern world with torx, hex and you name it. Special purpose bits typically become more usual to find today. I am not a big fan of using too many bits because it complicates so many things. It is actually a bit irritating to be honest.  In many ways it is difficult for the MTs manufacturers to keep track on the development it seems and many things are left open to the independent users. This can be to make sure you have the correct bits with you in case you need it. One could always bring a complete tool-case with you. In most of the cases I would believe people go for the traditional pocket knife or MTs. At least this is the world we live in and what most would prefer and do.

Today you can find pocket knives and MTs with a huge number of functions. It is not so stupid I would say. It is actually very smart to have a SwissChamp with you. All the functions are made to be used and it is up to the skill and knowledge level of the individual person for how good you can use it. The most dangerous thing is when people forget to bring a knife. Just having a cutting blade can save the day. It does not hurt to have the other basic functions too. The flat screwdrivers are not past its time just yet. I also really like the mini screwdriver in the corkscrew very much. The other handle functions can be used for several things too.

It is a nice feeling to use SAKs

It is difficult for the human fingers to make a starter hole in materials. The flat screwdriver tip on the can opener can be used for cross track screws and similar to a degree. It is also very nice when you are opening small devices that are pressed together. The flat screwdriver with cap opener and notch can be used for a ton of things. On the internet you can find many examples on this.


The bit set with key or ratchet used from Victorinox together with special SwissTools represents some of the best thought-through bits I know so far. On the picture you can see an example I have changed some on regarding to the selection of bits. The reason for this is that I change it from time to time depending on what things I need. I would agree that most would not carry such an extra set with their MTs for normal EDC or the typical tasks they do.

The quality on the bits from Victorinox is good because I see them last longer than many others. The precision and quality on both screw and bit is important not just for precision but also durability. Many times today it is the older style Flat, Hex and Phillips that are the best. Many modern types got a shorter durability. Typically the functions used on SAKs and MTs last for a very long time with high quality. Having just the basic functions for your EDC may fall short for many things. EDC can mean many things and there several variations in the mindset for it. It makes a difference and that is what it is about.  




-Is it possible to use SAKs and MTs professionally?


-Can you use them for more than EDC?


Above are two important questions I have researched and the answer to them are Yes! Most of the answer is already from the history of SAKs that speaks for itself. I know that many want to reduce the number of tools to bring to save space and weight. It is possible to get a bit fed up with having a box full of things with them that they might need or not. This can be risky but many also find it relieving to bring just basic things.








More than EDC



My latest Victorinox 111mm is a 2019 model of the Soldiers knife 2008 type. I do not have the full line of them from 2008-2020. I have a good selection of them in my collection.

Not everyone is familiar with the history of the 2008 type model that was developed for the Swiss Army. There is an evolution of the Soldiers knife from 1891 until today. In 2008 Victorinox introduced the sophisticated 111mm Soldiers knife for the Swiss Army replacing the Alox 93mm. The 08 knife is a very educational tool that is much better developed for a modern Soldier. The Swiss Army had certain criteria for it on how it should be.

In the mid to late 1980s Victorinox developed and introduced the 111mm Slide-lock model. In the early 1990s Victorinox developed the liner-locking model.  In 1993 we get the DAK. It is 100% for sure that Victorinox developed the 111mm locking category because they did not find the slide-lock construction 111mm sturdy enough for the Services. From the early 1990s a new category is developed. After the millennium this category is developing and in 2001. I heard about the OH Trekker for the first time around 2001. In 2003 we get the new GAK or German Army Knife that is very similar to the 2008 Soldier but with a few differences also. There are official dates with 2003 for the Trekker and new 111mm GAK. One thing leads to another, not by guess but by facts.

In the late 1980s we see a selection of a few slide-lock knives. This category was developed by request for a larger locking blade knife. The constant quality development by Victorinox developed the liner-locking category. I am very careful by saying what model came first from 1993. To be too bombastic on dates can be risky. The absolute best educated information I received from Victorinox about the development and reason for the new categories. The development goes from traditional slip-joint to larger knives with lock. Next is the OH or one hand opening and after this we get special scales and so forth. What is another 100% fact is that the 2008 Soldiers knife is a very special and nice tool developed for the Swiss military demands on functionality and quality. This knife is also in my opinion the culmination on how the perfect 111mm model should be. It is a very educational knife in this sense and one that I learned a great deal from.

One factor that many forget is the constant quality development that I have mentioned many times over the years. If you study Swiss Army Knives you can see this line following all the way. Not every one would believe that there is such a development. I am 100% convinced because you can see this from modifications, evolution and new models. The Soldiers knife 2008 type is just one of many knives with liner-lock. The soldier is so developed that it fit perfect in any civilian outdoors demands too.

Not all EDC knives are small because this depends on the user and demands he or she got. I hope you like this article and page above. It is a time window a small reflection on the 360 degrees you may encounter. Some prefer miniature-carry while others go for a more maximal system.



To finish this article i can talk some more about EDC. Traditional EDC usually only require the traditional design and functions. Some have a wider mindset or perhaps work at a place that they see the need for a nice tool that involves safety. One hand opening and locking mechanism can be necessary there. The 08 Soldier represents more than EDC and is a typical example on a type of knife that can be used for almost anything. In other words it is a very safe option to go for. It is also a knife that you find today used in the US military. This model is in black with US markings on the scales.

The 111mm liner locking category is much stronger than the slide-lock models in construction and functionality.

"Many would have a distinct line between knives that are carried in a pouch like the Soldiers 2008 type and the traditional slip-joints for EDC"

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26.07 | 23:05

Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

26.07 | 19:22

Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

01.07 | 23:13

Hi, sure I would like to see, BR.

01.07 | 16:24

Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
I could email them to you.


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