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On the picture above you can see a time window on knives 1976-1980. At this time the economy made knives had a backside tang stamp with economy on. On the picture are some production variations but usually the variations can be found on the main side stamp. There are a few differences on the hot stamp emblem but this i have talked much about before. Notice the screwdriver without the scraper tool, also notice the saw and scissors. The corkscrew is better at this time as well.

The picture is just made to be a window in time.



The 84mm combination tool continues to be a difficult subject in deed. Most of the times the tang stamps can direct you into the safest time window. The 84mm is a strange one all together and the Victorinox information says 1982. Many collectors with me included have a feeling it is around 1980. This 84mm hot stamped emblem is also very close to 1979 variation. So let us say that this economy stamped knife is 1980 because my information is 1976-1980 on this particular stamp. To me this package could be 1980 and if 1982 is correct on the combination tool then this is a 1982 model in original box.  The 91mm category is easier than the 84mm on such subjects and topics.

On this picture you can see my latest 84mm economy stamped model. I have found several variations on the hot stamped emblem around this time window.  The model is 2.06.00. The blade is made 1976-1980. Once again I mention that I believe the combination tool dates back to the very late 1970s, or maybe 1980. This 2.06.00 complete model is probably 1979-1981. The evolution on the 84mm combination tool is introduced in 1982. It was seen in a catalogue from 1980. We will see. The tang stamp economy is to the right on this blade. This is the economy made line so it is interesting all the factors mentioned. In general I have seen many small differences on the hot stamped emblem and the tang stamps with small factors that could be significant or not. About the combination tool I must follow the other collectors and researches and their impressions too. What is sure is that we do not know. It is fully ok to go with 1982 and it is just a small factor to have in mind. The most important is always the SAK and this is in beautiful condition. The emblem is too hot to touch, lol. Sorry for lame humor.


Another 84mm Victorinox economy made model. I have not seen many of these in this configuration and with this tang stamp designation. It got a typical hot stamp emblem. Some call this model the early Bantam. Some economy model got a name designation. Many times this was distributors and sellers that put names on them. Typically the factory used only numbers on these.

There are many interesting details on these for me. It is in very nice condition too. If I should put a date on this then I would say that the knife blade is 1976-1980. Many times you can use only the tang stamp on the knife blade to say what years of manufacture. 1980 is a milestone in many aspects because of new tang stamp and new numbering system. I do not have the box for this 84mm model. I place this complete knife to be made around 1979.

One layer SAKs like these is very nice minimalistic knives that take very little pocket space. The precision is absolutely there on them too.


This is my latest Victorinox 84mm economy made model. It should be the original box. The condition is very good, never used. The tang stamp is a type used 1976-1980. I have placed this to be made 1980. If i place it to be 1979-1981 then i should be in the park. The economy made or eco-line models got some variations in the dates. The knife blade is most likely 1976-1980. The total package could be a bit later. So 1979-1981 is my best direction so far.



Here is another 2.06 00 so it is no coincident.



It is difficult to say sometimes when a knife was produced. It can be hard to tell many times and this means you will have to broaden the time window some. The Victorinox Company produced during 1979-1999 these knives under the economy name. During this time you find different tang stamps and emblems used, this is a fact.

The tang stamps are what we must go on and it is fully possible that some blades were used for a longer period of time. It is all very interesting and only makes it more fun to do. It is my understanding that the more budget friendly SAKs can have some variations and different reasons for it. The 84mm category is the one that is a bit difficult to be exact on and another factor is that these knives do not follow the main-line evolution. This so on both the 91mm and 84mm models.




On the picture to the right you can see two separate time windows. The economy stamped models with one type that got lines on the stamp. The exact reason for this is unknown and it therefor could be production variations or something else. On the other two pictures you see what should be a mid-1980s economy hot stamped knife. This was in such a poor condition that I wanted to restore it to some degree. When I removed the scale I got a nice surprise with an R marked on both the inside of the scale and on the aluminum side-plate. This is asked Victorinox about and I got a nice answer. A rolling change and that was interesting because I had a feeling that the economy made knives was used for some testing.

01.08.2021 window

I managed to score another 84mm economy made SAK. It is the model 2 30 00 sometimes called economy Gourmet. This one got the type of economy tang stamp you find from 1980 and it got a small v which should place this 1980-1985 then again it is important to know how this category could have variations in dates. Knives in original box are helpful for the time window. There are no signs of use on this so it is as new. The emblem is the regular hot stamped type you find from 1979. These knives are absolutely capable pocket knives, there should be no doubt about this. The surface on the blades is interesting and it got a very good precision.


Backside tang stamp...

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03.01 | 15:26

The 120mm continued after the New Ranger. They had Patent and not pat pend. I say pat pend first then patent next. But! Wenger did many variations! :)

03.01 | 15:08

The old Ranger 120mm is from 1991, on my 1993 it is pat pend I have seen it on 1991 too and Swissbuck as well! Wenger can be a minefield because of variations

03.01 | 15:04

It is a superb question. Wenger used different stamps, some because of european laws. Usually the quality and steel is the same. Which is first? Not sure.

03.01 | 14:48

Hi! Sorry for late answer. I have seen many variations with Wenger, please send pic to trondsak@sakhome.com

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