I like them very much

Well made SAK from Delémont!

The Heritage



I will never forget Wenger for as long as I live or in my next too. I talked with the people that worked there for a couple years and I followed the history of the Brand. I collected many of the evolution models, New Ranger models and older SAKs all the same. Wenger was always so helpful and nice.  At the same time I researched for hundreds of hours every source I could find for knowledge. I gradually built up the evolution and milestones on the Wenger knives.

 In this article I will just show a few pictures and make some text about them.  I have managed by the same process as always with looking for knives and SAKs all over the place. It gives a good feeling about the knives produced at the Delémont Plant today. Really beautiful quality tools and SAKs made by the former Wenger Work Force. I have managed to collect several different models and two of the most interesting categories for me are the 85mm and 130mm knives. Victorinox made some design changes like you know and the result is a combination of both worlds.

The products are very Swiss with the famous precision and quality. Today you can see that the Delémont product range is large and very impressive. Please take the time to see some pages about some of them in the line-up to the left.

Really well made with high quality. 130mm category Ranger...


What is not to like about these?



The 130mm category is a nice alternative to the 111mm category. The 130mm New Rangers and Ranger knives was made to be large outdoors tools because Wenger had the philosophy that in the outdoors size matters. The pliers made by the Delémont factory is a smaller configuration compared to the SwissTools and represents an alternative as well.



Really nice combination with yellow and black....

Victorinox changes with the awl. Also some changes on the can opener and scale functions.

23.11.2020 Evolution S54 Victorinox

Today I am very glad to show you my latest SAK and this is not your everyday SAK by any means. This is the Victorinox Evolution red S54. This Swiss Army Knife made by the Delémont plant is a statement of a modern production and precision. It is a model that collectors of former Wenger knives may have in their collection for the evolution of functions. I have the Wenger edition of this knife in my collection as well. This is called the Tool Chest Plus(also called S54 by Wenger)

The S54 is a knife with many layers and it is made for use even if it has gone past the thickness for comfortable use. It is perfectly made!

Some collectors of Wenger knives may not be interested in getting too many models made by Victorinox. It could be the feeling of getting the knives over again. That said there are the changes on some of the functions. For some collectors the changes are too small to restart the collecting. Some are very different and they start collecting the new models made by Victorinox at the Delémont plant. Personally I have no problems with having as many knives possible even if they could be very similar. I am the type of enthusiast that can see the importance of continuing the legacy by the former Wenger Company because they are made in Delémont. At least that is what the tang stamp of the SAK says. I have no doubt about the quality on this.

The S54 is a bit expensive and the reasons for this can be many. It is probably not just because you get many functions. I would believe it requires extra steps in the production for the assembly. I will have it in mind.

26.12.2020 puzzle

I have probably mentioned this before as well that I used to train a combination of bodybuilding, powerlifting and explosive strength training for many years. I also did some boxing. I stopped this just at the time when I started collecting SAKs and getting extra interested in knives. I from time to time can feel the pull towards starting training again. I always reconsider after dwelling on it for some time. Many times when I dwell on the past it represents a fear that I once again must overcome. There is a lot of power in the calling.

I learned many things from this and one of them is how correct motion can have very important mechanical advantages. It is about using the knife correct to avoid damage to it. Using the correct tool for the job is not just something you learn as a trade or from the education at a school. It is also something you learn from your own body and mind. One of my favorite EDC and user knives are the 85mm Wenger’s, Swiza and 91mm models from Victorinox.  I love correct use of knives and the knowledge about using the best category and models for designated or random tasks.  Swiss Army Knives represents to be a world that opens and I can see the beautiful functionality in a huge puzzle. I have the deepest respect for the Swiss phenomenon. The fact that people sometimes ridiculed SAKs to be just gadgets for show became seriously mistaken in their assumptions. I like to learn about many other knife brands in the world. There are many nice Companies out there. Thank you very much for visiting my page, it is a kind place for all. 


The Swiss knives: is pure luxury with precision and functionality. Also some other high quality knives on the picture(in boxes).

Delémont knives today got several categories. On this picture you can see some SAKs and knives from my collection. The 130mm category is a large construction that I find very interesting.  I really enjoy collecting knives and SAKs. For sure Swiss Army Knives and traditional fixed blades are the best alternatives for me. I always focus on extra functionality. It is also an advantage that I have some interests and hobbies that prefer some functions for use. For some time i ventured into other knives for the steel materials. The steel used on SAKs are types that are not on the hard side. They are typical very comfortable steels that are very easy to maintain. After learning about steel I gained new knowledge that is very helpful. The materials used on SAKs are not low quality steels. Low quality steels are made in questionable ways. While the Swiss use steels that are made in a high quality production. At the factories they test the steel, make the functions and use a very high quality hardening and tempering. So my answer about the steel is that it is a high quality type and types from A-Z.


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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

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Hi, sure I would like to see, BR. Trondsak@sakhome.com

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Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
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