All pocket knives and tools are Swiss Army Knives

I have discussed some about this before and I know there are some that wonder about why we call all pocket knives and multi-tools SAKs. Basically an Officers and a Soldier knife represents the true meaning of the origin. The development of the Soldiers knife was the key feature for the Founder and the Association of cutlers.  It is also important that the Founder and cutlers was very skilled in making many other products as well. The Officers knife is what most people today consider to be a Swiss army Knife. So let us dwell a bit on this. The phenomenon really started after WW2 and the popular name Swiss Army Knives was used because of some historic, language and popular terms like we know. On the internet there is information on this to be found.

There are many categories and knives and to be called an Officers knife and Soldiers knife requires them to have some functions. The reason we call all pocket knives and tools SAKs are simple. We know all the categories and most of the history. We set aside all this and call all of them SAKs when they are made in the tradition and by the two makers in Switzerland. It is not a modern phenomenon that there are many categories. In general all the products made by Wenger and Victorinox are made in the tradition.

Some would say that the makers of the Genuine and Original SAK call them so because of advertising or marketing reasons. I know that the two Companies implements the quality and tradition into the products and therefor they are technically SAKs. For me they are also this because they got small factors with different emblems and tang stamps that are guided into the main products. For sure the use of the SAK term on all the pocket knives and tools can be strange for some and I agree. We know about the categories and history but it makes it so much easier to call them SAKs when they are made by the two Companies in history. There also other factors involved. One is the valuable help a 58mm Classic or a 65mm Wenger knife can have on the key ring. Another is the adaptation into all kinds of situations and everyday life. Even the Garden tool with just one blade is called a SAK by us.

If you notice on the two Companies in history then you will discover that they do make some distinction between the categories and make a difference between what are the main products of Swiss Army Knives.


For sure we do not call kitchen knives and such cutlery for SAKs so there is one limit for us too just like the Companies. There we have a different history with them both!

It is easier for us or at least for me to call the pocket knives and tools for SAKs. Somehow no matter how we twist and turn there is a link between them.  The correct technical term would be the Soldiers and Officers knives that are the Swiss Army Knives and not all the other categories around them.

Most enthusiasts does not call the Garden tools and SwissTools for SAKs, some do.


Officers and Sportsmen knives

I will try to use a few words on this and this is my belief that the Officers knife from 1897 is also a Sportsmen knife. This is the branch that either led or had led to the development of the SAKs and the incredible variety of knives.



It all began in 1884


The development of the Soldiers knife is one of the key features of the phenomenon. The word army is related in Swiss Army Knife to the Soldiers knife. The Officers knife is related to the same with a branch. The Soldiers knives and Officers knife are the main knives that hit fame after WW2. It is the Officers knife with the Sportsmen branch that is the reasons for most of the fame today. Somehow there has always been a divided line between the Soldiers and Officers knives in history. At the same time they are much related to each other. The great performance of making the knife for the Swiss Army and the issued Soldiers knife is the main philosophy of the SAKs origin. This has always been during history and it is so today. The Soldier knife is The Founders achievement and the foundation.  It is my belief that it is the Officers knife that is the representative for the total world fame today.


Cool Things!

Large SAKs and Small SAKs



It is a wonderful time we live in and that we can enjoy such products. Destiny can be a strange wind with unknown events in the distance. Today we only have one maker of the Swiss Army Knife term. It is only Victorinox. In many ways I miss the Wenger Company as the maker of the genuine SAK. In a ways the circle was completed from 2013. That did not mean it was over for the former Company with knives because much of the heritage continued in the Delémont products. The Swiza knives Company took with them much experience and heritage so in a way we still have two Swiss Brands again. Most likely Swiza cannot call themselves a maker of Swiss Army Knives but instead they can continue it and they re-invented it. Which is cool and I do believe it is only healthy for the products with some competition. So if you should find a person that refers a Swiza product as a SAK and if he or she is a collector or user then it is ok.


I consider the Victorinox 111mm liner-locking category and the 130mm liner-locking categories to be some of the ultimate SAKs today.
The Swiza 95mm design is best in competition with the 91mm category. In a way it can fulfill a bit larger tasks.

The Swiza construction is super modern and very interesting. It is a 95mm construction with sturdy and large functions in a compact design. One thing is 100% sure! -This is a Swiss knife.


All the years of my research on Victorinox and Wenger knives helped me to understand every part of the Swiza knife. It gave me important experience in functionality, quality, design and about technical factors.


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11.01 | 19:20

Hi! Good observation. Yes it seems there are some differences on them, both Wenger and Victorinox.
BR Trond

11.01 | 11:51

Hi Trond! Question, do you know if victorinox at any time reduced the surface of the nail file like wenger did? I saw this in a couple of classic SD nail files

19.10 | 18:22

I would say on the economy line without sewing eye up to 1987. With sewing eye 1985-1987 until today. The economy line got variations. BR

19.10 | 18:18

Hi, good observation. The economy line does not follow the regular line. Some times it is close like the sewing eye can be 1985+ couple years on the economy.BR

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