Hex opening

The Wenger plier cannot compare to the Swisstools pliers

I will let you a bit more into my world. The pliers used on a New Ranger knife can be used for many things but it cannot be called a heavy duty plier but only a medium to light duty one. If you study my webpage then you will discover my talk about combination tools and the hex opening used on Wenger knives. To use the plier on equipment and devices can sometimes damage more than it does well. It is not easy to reach components on an engine or even a spark plug. The pliers on multi-tools are excellent anyway because you can use it if needed in a situation. The hex opening used on some of the Ranger knives is a genius invention because it is possible before hand to make or find whatever bits and nick-nacks needed.  It is no problem today to find the correct key for a spark plug and it is no problem finding an adapter to carry it. It is not abuse of the Wenger knife because it is not needed with much force to tighten a spark plug correct.


The different screw types on the picture are very easy for the hex opening on the Wenger knife. It gives a very good control on a wall, on the floor or at the ceiling. This design makes it very easy to apply force.

with long bits you can get a better distance from the surface so it is easier to move the hand. With bit adapters you can do the same.


Important update

If you have been into scouting or outdoors practice then you have learned about how to make two pieces of wood fit together. One cut notch goes in the counter notch and some rope then you are safe. Two pieces are together are secure and become one. In survival situations different screws can be used with success. They can be used to fit two pieces together or splice two pieces or make repair.




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21.01 | 09:23

Hi, thank you very much! I believe it could be because of them having different additional functions, example scraper and so forth. BR Trond

21.01 | 09:08

Hi! Thank you very much for question. The awl and chisel can be sharpened by following the grinded angle on them. I will have it in my mind. BR Trond

21.01 | 04:14

Now my question: how come that Vic has got TWO versions of an orange peeling tool in their "small" series. Oranges are not really that important here....

21.01 | 04:08

Hi there, first of all, compliments for this great compilation. the best for SAKs i've seen so far. just one question that only you may anwer (?): see next post

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