Reamer awl function

This construction awl was introduced from "then on" in 1961 and you will for sure find variations and dates. The sewing eye was introduced from "then on" in 1985 and since then it is practically the same but not completely. There are productions variations and an evolution in between that are so small that it is not a factor to be considered usually.  What you will find are variations on the cut design and the ability for drilling. How sharp the edge is and dimensions. Take a pick you will find them. 1961-1985 and 1985-until today there are small differences, productions variations,evolution and design differences.

For those of you that remember my old page did see just how versatile this reamer awl is. It can be used to drill holes in wood and other materials. It can be used as a sacking needle or a tool for sewing. Many also forget that this tool is there to be used with all the other functions on the SAK. Yes for sure the selection of tools is put together for a certain application. Some functions are considered standard and can be found on many of the officer’s knives.  In my research I have discussed much about combination tools and that it can be smart with a separate tool on the side. That said you should not forget that the selection of tools on one SAK are made for a certain application or use and that one must pick the correct tool for you.

Back to the awl that I know in and out completely, I know the steel, quality, durability, evolution and everything needed.  If you got a flat head screw that you are going to attach on the wall. You know that the wood is tough and it will put much strain on the flat screwdriver with cap opener on your SAK. If you use the reamer awl before and make a start then the strain will be less on the flat screwdriver.  You do not have to use force when using the awl in materials. Remember that this is a function with origin from the beginning that transformed into the prefection.

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14.10 | 22:21

Yes for sure the lever spring scissors started without serrations. These you find 1973-1977. Thank you very much. BR

14.10 | 22:09

The super scissors 1977 got the lever system, got serrations and is self sharpening. The period 1971-77 May contain variations. Wenger started the future. BR

14.10 | 22:01

So the scissors with lever system were once had plain edges? Wow, I would never have imagined it! You have the best information about SAKs in the entire Web. Thank you very much, regards!

14.10 | 21:44

It is the same lever system from the early 70s, Wenger designed this because it is a safer and more durable. In the late 70s it got serrations.

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