Reamer awl function

This construction awl was introduced from "then on" in 1961 and you will for sure find variations and dates. The sewing eye was introduced from "then on" in 1985 and since then it is practically the same but not completely. There are productions variations and an evolution in between that are so small that it is not a factor to be considered usually.  What you will find are variations on the cut design and the ability for drilling. How sharp the edge is and dimensions. Take a pick you will find them. 1961-1985 and 1985-until today there are small differences, productions variations,evolution and design differences.

For those of you that remember my old page did see just how versatile this reamer awl is. It can be used to drill holes in wood and other materials. It can be used as a sacking needle or a tool for sewing. Many also forget that this tool is there to be used with all the other functions on the SAK. Yes for sure the selection of tools is put together for a certain application. Some functions are considered standard and can be found on many of the officer’s knives.  In my research I have discussed much about combination tools and that it can be smart with a separate tool on the side. That said you should not forget that the selection of tools on one SAK are made for a certain application or use and that one must pick the correct tool for you.

Back to the awl that I know in and out completely, I know the steel, quality, durability, evolution and everything needed.  If you got a flat head screw that you are going to attach on the wall. You know that the wood is tough and it will put much strain on the flat screwdriver with cap opener on your SAK. If you use the reamer awl before and make a start then the strain will be less on the flat screwdriver.  You do not have to use force when using the awl in materials. Remember that this is a function with origin from the beginning that transformed into the prefection.

11.03.2021 Pioneer X Tiger Orange Limited 2021

Speaking about evolution then the new 2021 Limited Pioneer X in tiger orange is for sure one of them. Above you can see the reamer, punch with sewing eye. The reamer/punch you find on the 93mm Alox is another very useful tool. This is a tool used for many things and is one of the very versatile designs. Typically you find this from 1961 on the Pioneer Range and on the 1961 type Soldier knife too. When we got the Pioneer with scissors in 2016 it represented something we had wished for a long time.  Victorinox continues to introduce new colors for the Alox SAKs which is another thing we welcome a lot. The New tiger orange is a very beautiful one with a very positive energy. Some SAKs got that super eye candy effect and this is for sure top notch there with the excellent combination of functions and appearance.  


Many call it an awl because there are several types of awls in the world of tools. It is a reamer, punch and awl but not sewing awl that is. The precision on the 93mm Alox SAK is perfect.

19.03.2021 Corkscrew

The corkscrews you find on Swiss knives are quality made and very functional. They are not limited by the name. It can do several other things as well. On the pictures today you can see some Victorinox and Swiza knives, both very functional and quality made. In the history of SAKs and knives from Switzerland you will discover many variations and evolution changes from the beginning until today. The sommelier corkscrew is a very good design which you can find some further information about on the web. On the pictures you can also see a pure corkscrew made for opening bottles with horn handle. Tools like these are very nice and comfortable to use. I do not find the ones you find on pocket knives to be uncomfortable either. 

Victorinox got the WineMaster models which is super comfortable and specially made for such tasks. I have shown one of them on Many forget about the type used on the 84mm and up. In the history of the corkscrews you will for sure find many variations but also production variations. Victorinox got a very long history of using this function on their knives. In some situations you can find modified ones. When people use them wrong the tip of them can get damages, it can bend or break. It is also so in the history that not all of them were equally solid made. Sometimes people can fix or modify the tip section of them so the functionality is restored but for sure not 100%. This you can see if you compare them to others or look closer. The ones show here are for sure perfect. Another factor is the choice of having a corkscrew or Phillips or without backside tools at all. It is up to you!

Good luck and stay safe.


While I am at it today I can mentions some further factors about the corkscrews. They are not always completely straight so you should not worry. When I got the horn corkscrew I thought it was bent. It turns out it is only the screws that are swelling more on one side. In the history of SAKs you will find decorations grooves, different shapes, extra turns and much more.

21.03.2021 freedom

There is much freedom with having the huge amount of SAKs made. It is possible to find the model that fit your needs the best. The traditional Alox knives are without backside functions like on the 91mm just to mention one example. The 93mm knives are more professional for selective crafts work. It usually includes the reamer/punch/awl but there are several without. Some of them includes a sacking needle which been used as sailors tool too. The corkscrew can be a different story because the traditional Alox does not include them. If you look upon the 111mm Soldier knife you can see a very different construction compared to the 93mm. Soldier knives and wine does not always fit very well. Here you see a Phillips instead.

I have mentioned many times with SAKs that you will find many variations in history and most things been done. The awl you find on the 84mm and up are very useful and they are very durable. I mentioned the freedom with many models to pick from and this is very true. It allows people to have the closest thing to their need. The 2008 type Soldier is a perfected SAK for the Swiss Soldiers which is also a very good civilian 111mm. Some could find it difficult to decide to go for a category with or without corkscrew. If it is the 91mm then the answer is or could be simple because the flat section tip on the can opener can be used on Phillips heads rather well. Then you can have the corkscrew. There are also other methods for opening a wine cork by using the knives. You can probably find something on the web on it. You will probably find useful ideas with the corkscrew for several things there as well.

There must be no doubt that the 93mm Alox and 111mm Services Range is into a more professional level. The same is with the larger Delémont SAKs. Traditional 84mm, 85 and 91mm cellidor SAKs will go a long way and they are excellent EDC knives without any doubt.


I like Swiza knives and I find them very good for EDC. They got a good size Sommelier corkscrew on them. If you look upon the pure corkscrew with horn you can see it is longer, this allows you to get a full grip with the fingers and hand. On SAKs and Swiss pocket knives it can be tricky to get a full grip because the corkscrew is short. The larger 111mm models are therefore more comfortable because you got a much longer handle. Victorinox ended all doubts when they made the 130mm Wine Master with additional details for opening a bottle without using any force at all.


Speaking about bottles then it is important to mention again to use the cap lifter. Some use the liners and handle to flip open crown caps, soda bottles and beer caps. This can cause damage to handles, liners and assembly. The cap lifters you find on Swiss knives are excellent to use.

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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

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Hi, sure I would like to see, BR.

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Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
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