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It is time for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. From time to time I try to follow the latest developments and evolution on the 91mm category mostly from Victorinox. Field of interests is the quality development and changes.

The Huntsman is one of the absolute most famous 91mm knives by the factory in Ibach Switzerland.

It is important to follow the development and to see the quality in hand. I can mention some of the details I am looking on: edge, precision, functionality, quality and feel.

There is no need to test the use quality on this knife because with a 100% guarantee I know the “use quality” on this is perfected. I am looking for signs of variations, changes and production changes.

There is always the magic feeling holding a SAK in the hand and to see the functions and to move them and hear the quality sounds it makes. This knife was purchased about two months ago and it is a real sense of relief and to see that the 91mm Officers line is alive and kicking. The precision and changes are outstanding. The quality is 100% and no need for more words I am pleased.

Huntsman 07.03.2020

Today I would like to show you and update my latest Victorinox 91mm SAK. From time to time it is fun and interesting to follow the latest developments of the main-line models from them as you know. Most of you already see right away that this is the main-line Huntsman model. This is one of the long lasting models with the functions that got a long evolution history from the Swiss Global Brand. This one is in a traditional box and not blister packaged. Nothing wrong with any of these types.

From time to time it is important to take a pause to realize the origin of the Swiss Army Knife. Models with Cellidor or plastic handles are still one of the absolute best choices for EDC today. It can also be easy to forget what the Company message with SAKs is. We always enjoy special, limited or rare models. That said the Officers line represents with the main-line the best philosophy yet. What I mean by this is that all the information and research I have done over the years culminates back to this line. Perhaps this is a guiding factor developed over the many years of Swiss Army Knife focus. It could be obvious because we always see the origin with the Soldier Knife and the following Officers line-up from the Brand. During the last decades we see a Company that focus more and more on several products. We also see new categories and a river of new models. The quality is high on everything and in this flow of knives the main-line Officers models continues to hold out. It is always there and for a reason. It can be said different things about the steel used in the knife blades and so on. What is the best and most important factor is the performance. It just never fails and it performs so isn’t this the important factor? I do believe so.

In the evolution you can see the evolution dates for models with additional saw and scissors.

It is never wrong with going with the tried and tested. The Huntsman is one of these models. Looking over the SAK it got an impressive precision without any flaw.

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18.04 | 23:15

You are welcome. Thanks! Stay safe. BR

18.04 | 22:28

Thank you, stay safe

18.04 | 17:49

The absolutte best is the Polyamid handles, the wood is more beautiful. Folding knives with wood is best for light outdoor use. BR

18.04 | 17:33

Thank you! What are your concerns about the fastness of the wooden scales of Hunter Pro? The blade itself is big, which encourages the user to do some hard work

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