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It is time for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. From time to time I try to follow the latest developments and evolution on the 91mm category mostly from Victorinox. Field of interests is the quality development and changes.

The Huntsman is one of the absolute most famous 91mm knives by the factory in Ibach Switzerland.

It is important to follow the development and to see the quality in hand. I can mention some of the details I am looking on: edge, precision, functionality, quality and feel.

There is no need to test the use quality on this knife because with a 100% guarantee I know the “use quality” on this is perfected. I am looking for signs of variations, changes and production changes.

There is always the magic feeling holding a SAK in the hand and to see the functions and to move them and hear the quality sounds it makes. This knife was purchased about two months ago and it is a real sense of relief and to see that the 91mm Officers line is alive and kicking. The precision and changes are outstanding. The quality is 100% and no need for more words I am pleased.

Huntsman 07.03.2020

Today I would like to show you and update my latest Victorinox 91mm SAK. From time to time it is fun and interesting to follow the latest developments of the main-line models from them as you know. Most of you already see right away that this is the main-line Huntsman model. This is one of the long lasting models with the functions that got a long evolution history from the Swiss Global Brand. This one is in a traditional box and not blister packaged. Nothing wrong with any of these types.

From time to time it is important to take a pause to realize the origin of the Swiss Army Knife. Models with Cellidor or plastic handles are still one of the absolute best choices for EDC today. It can also be easy to forget what the Company message with SAKs is. We always enjoy special, limited or rare models. That said the Officers line represents with the main-line the best philosophy yet. What I mean by this is that all the information and research I have done over the years culminates back to this line. Perhaps this is a guiding factor developed over the many years of Swiss Army Knife focus. It could be obvious because we always see the origin with the Soldier Knife and the following Officers line-up from the Brand. During the last decades we see a Company that focus more and more on several products. We also see new categories and a river of new models. The quality is high on everything and in this flow of knives the main-line Officers models continues to hold out. It is always there and for a reason. It can be said different things about the steel used in the knife blades and so on. What is the best and most important factor is the performance. It just never fails and it performs so isn’t this the important factor? I do believe so.

In the evolution you can see the evolution dates for models with additional saw and scissors.

It is never wrong with going with the tried and tested. The Huntsman is one of these models. Looking over the SAK it got an impressive precision without any flaw.

01.10.2020 Explorer in red

This is my latest Victorinox 91mm Swiss Army Knife called the Explorer. For years I used an Explorer model and learned a great deal about this particular SAK and functionality. I learned that it is a very good combination of functions that is very helpful and actually also rather surprising.

For example what should one need the large Phillips/pozi driver for when you got a flat screwdriver tip on the can opener that can also be used for Phillips screws? Most that have used the flat screwdriver tip on the can opener know very well that it works well for Phillips heads.  The particular EDC need can vary a lot from person to person. To me it was a surprise how often I started to use the inline Phillips/Pozi solution. This was simply because it was more stable and could do larger tasks. I found the control to be far better and I could use it comfortably. As you know there is also an evolution for this function, with long and short design + modifications to the tang and spring to prevent accidental closing.

Having a magnifier function helped me to read stamps and miniature writing. I used it on postage stamps and many other tasks. I like movies and if you are into DVD and Blu-ray discs you know how small some of the text on the backside on the cover is.

My old Explorer was also in red color but with the older style magnifier glass with grey holder. I know about the evolution for this function and how Victorinox changed back to glass magnifier again. Still with the translucent clear holder that said. Anyhow I believe this one got the latest design. It got a very nice functionality, maybe not as sturdy as the older grey type that just seemed to take anything. I like the new because it gives a bit wider image and create better ability for the light. I have also this one in black color scales.


I find this model  to be one of my favorite 91mm SAKs. The Huntsman, Climber, Spartan, Explorer and SwissChamp stand out among the favorite ones.




Below you can see my black edition next to the red one. The black edition got plus scales and mini screwdriver. You will find variations on most SAKs.


I will not go too deep into the reason for why I call it in-line Phillips/Pozi. Victorinox call it Phillips 1 and 2. They also inform in questions, emails and in their manual about it that the Pozidrive-crosstip is one of the most commonly used. On the internet it is mentioned that the word pozidrive is wrong. This can be up to others. I find it most important what Victorinox say that they developed a type that fit both and it works very well! Victorinox say: Unfortunately it is not possible to activate a screw with a Phillips crosstip with a Pozidrive-screwdriver. For this reason we have created a crosstip screwdriver which can be used for both norms.



Victorinox info

Norm for:

1. Phillips crosstip

2. Pozidrive and Supradrive crosstip

08.08.2021 Huntsman

It is time again for a look on the development of the 91mm main line SAKs. First it is important for me to write a few words on the history again. It all began in 1884 with the development of the Soldier knife. Most of you know this history well and therefore immediately understand what the 1897 milestone is about. It is about the Officers knife which I believe is the real reason for why so many people enjoy Victorinox functionality. These knives or SAKs can be found almost anywhere in the world because of the functionality, quality and pocket ability. Many of them fit very well for such carry.


 From time to time I buy main line or regular 91mm Swiss Army Knives by Victorinox to see if there are any production variations, evolution changes or if any details interesting enough for my curiosity.


The Huntsman is within the EDC range with the additional wood saw and scissors + the multipurpose hook placed on the back. “It is the type of model for anyone not able to walk without scissors and saw”


I will make it short and write my quality control simply and effective. I am impressed with the precision and as usual the quality is easy to feel when opening and closing the functions. The edge is very sharp and the tip is very pointy which I like very well. Most of the cutting tasks done are within the precision cutting sphere and you have the scissors too. The knife blades and the scissors are functions I use almost every day. The wood saw is very capable for smaller tasks as well. I have no negative factors on this 91mm Officers knife. I have a very good feeling every time a 91mm finds its way to me. I know how important this line of Swiss Army Knives is. The best quality control would be to test every function over time but frankly this is not necessary at all. Its been done all over the world every day!

Beautiful instrument..

10:02 backside functions

On the back of the blade you find the Officier Suisse designation. It is important to remember the special patent by the Founder in 1897. The use of a special spring system could be used to have backside functions in a superb way. The Spartan today is the model which is directly related to it. With additional inventions and functions by a sandwich construction from 1897 until today the functionality grew.

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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

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Hi, sure I would like to see, BR. Trondsak@sakhome.com

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Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
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