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Hi knife searchers, today i got myself a SwissClip because I find it interesting and something I just had to learn about. You can already find several videos on the internet and talk about it. Two of the things that draw it down a bit can be the difficult access to the tweezers and multipurpose hook.

The Clip feels well made and it is comfortable to attach on clothes and the last section of it is tighter so it is firmly set on the pocket. It is ok!

Many like the possibility for a clip so it can be attached to belts and clothes. In general I am happy with no clip. In some situations a pouch can be great to have. I also from time to time like a clip function. So by all means it is a legit function to have.

The SwissClip is made in China and this is nothing negative at all.

The price for a SwissClip is a bit high..........


The construction of the Clip is nice, it is polished and rounded. It is attached by one screw through the key ring. This Clip will fit on many 91mm models from Victorinox.

It is one very important detail because of the slip-joint spring. When you open the flat screwdriver with the cap opener you can see that the key ring is moving. The slip joint spring and the opening for the key ring are not separate pieces. The design of the clip is made to follow the movement of the slip-joint spring. So when you open the flat screwdriver you can see that the clip follow this range of motion, it is not much but you see it. If you should hold the clip very tight it would be difficult to open the flat screwdriver with cap opener. So remember to let the clip move freely to avoid damage to the spring. It is just an important detail to have in mind. The slip joint spring with the key ring hole and the tang of the flat screwdriver got a notch to prevent accidental closing. It is an advanced spring that is in symbioses with a free motion when you open or close the function. I would make sure that the clip can move freely and if you somehow should get a difficult time to open or close the flat screwdriver then look what is preventing the mechanism. Perhaps dirt or substances and so forth can prevent the mechanism.


Victorinox use a special spring for the mechanism that operates the can opener, awl/reamer/punch and the flat screwdriver/cap opener/wire stripper. It is a floating slip joint spring. This means that the spring operates all these functions including the hole for key ring. The SwissClip takes advantage of the hole for key ring and it follow the motion of the spring opening and closing. So this means that all the functions mentioned will have some movement of the clip and not just the flat screwdriver example. It is cool! The tang of the flat screwdriver can be used at 90 degrees or fully open and fully open a notch on the tang prevents or helps against accidental closing……………..

14:30 The can opener with flat screwdriver tip open and ready for use and I cannot feel any difference opening all mentioned functions with the nail-nicks.


The Awl/Punch/Reamer with sewing eye open and on the picture you can see how the Clip is following the design of the handle. You can also see that it is not as easy opening the multipurpose hook. It is possible with the fingernail still or by the toothpick. I like to have the mini screwdriver in the corkscrew because I find it useful for many things. This can be used opening the hook too but it can scratch……..


Design and conclusion

I like the fact that this can be assembled quickly through the key ring or best said key ring hole. This is not a testing review. It is just me looking and using this clip for the first time. I have only seen this on the internet and so forth. It is impossible to know for sure without having one personally. It seems well made and solid enough.

The Victorinox spring is a very advanced design and represents a mechanism that is perfected. What is nice with the design of the clip is the ability to follow the design of the handle with side liners. The assembly of a SAK will from model to model have a few dimension tolerances. From the assembly it can be a bit more bulky in the middle where the clip rest, at the place where you slide it on the pocket. The design of the clip will be able to compensate for this. On the backside of the package it is mentioned a good deal of SAKs in which this clip can be used. There may be some small dimension tolerances between all these models. These differences can influence how tight the clip is on the pocket or clothes. The Victorinox SAK is very well made and for sure this clip can be used. That said the design of this Clip is not perfect and got a few things that draw the overall impressions down a bit. I do not regret getting one and I am happy with it. The biggest thing for me is that it follows the motion of the key ring assembly or hole. It has to because the spring must move to operate the functions. It is not easy to design a perfect clip. The scales are press fit so this is perhaps a stronger way of doing it by attaching on the spring. From normal use I would believe it is good enough and a bit cool.



last i can mention that you can find some info on this clip at the Clip and Carry website.

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21.11 | 18:40

Hi, thank you very much for question. I will try to identify and date. BR, Please send pictures :

21.11 | 18:18

Scissors file and knife opens on 1 side and Phillips #2 on the other. Wenger delemont Switzerland stainless, I can't find this knife. What's the value and date

08.11 | 08:59

Hi, thank you very much for comment, sure:

08.11 | 03:11

Hello, I have one, but I’m not sure what year its from. Can I send you some pics?

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