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This is not going to be an article about bashing the Wingman. Some impressions and thoughts about it instead could perhaps be welcome. Many times with MTs people tend to forget to some degree that it could be a very nice set of tools in the pocket. On the internet and YouTube you can already find the pros and cons about most aspects of it so I would like to give my impression too. Honestly with Leatherman MTs I like the Wave and large models the best. This models is more a budget friendly MT and perhaps this is best to be used in combination with other tools and knives. On SAKs you can find budget friendly models and more top notch knives in the same fashion. Budget friendly can mean many things with production methods and the number of functions just to mention two factors quickly.  

Opinel is a Company that makes very friendly knives for the wallet and you get much cutting performance for the buck. You will find small production variations on the virobloc and how tight it is. Usually never any problem and it is a blessing how well they perform. I have a few Opinels that I have used with both Sandvik stainless and carbon steel.

In my experience with SAKs and knives the obvious size of the category and functions is the indication for what use it is made for.  I have the same impression with Opinel and Leatherman as well.

Somehow when I know I will need the use of a complete MT then it is usually always the SwissTools I grab with me and so far this philosophy never fails. For many people it is the large Leatherman tools and they are just as happy.

We SAK people got some advantages because we learned from the knives and the selection of tools for what designation it will work the best. So I used the same mindset on all other MTs and pocket knives too. This is a smart decision that usually always succeeds but not always.

One thing I know many talk about is the cutting section of the pliers on the wingman MT. It is a different design and the cutting section will meet when force is applied. Perhaps it could be more precise so less force is needed. Then again on several MTs today you have inserts on the cutting section and that is very nice because very expensive Tools can get damages there when cutting tough materials. I guess its been many a foul word expressed when this happens? More than likely I would guess.  My tool is brand new and the second wingman in my collection. Nothing wrong with the first one it is just a possibility for comparison personally. Besides the cutting section I like the pliers very much. It would be a very nice help for a number of tasks. In combination with a fixed blade or SAK this would be even greater. The little versatile file with screwdriver tip is nice. I do miss the metal-saw function because having such can be handy and good for safety too.

The two blade philosophy With one plain and one wavy is hard to beat. One combination blade will stand little chance. The OH is very nice!

One of the really strong lessons I have learned from researching Swiss knives and tools is how smart it is to bring. It will perform and be a valuable help for a great number of tasks. It is also the case that it all comes to a point where it cannot complete the mission. This can be because of knowledge and abilities as well and not the SAK. One factor that hits me just as hard as the positive side of things is the combinations. In combination with separate knives you increase the chances and range very much.

The Philosophy behind a MT is that it should be as a package alone that will or can be used for anything. This is all just to a degree and this goes for all products.

People would be very glad if you pull out any of these pliers in a pinch.....

having metal file/saw can be very smart...

continues 11:53

When the SwissTool was introduced the functions with locking mechanism could be opened from the outside so you do not have to open the pliers first. On the Wave some of the functions can be opened from the outside and with one hand opening locking blades. That is a Sweet ability I must say.

Locking mechanisms:

The first Leatherman I ever owned was a PST model and it this creation resulted in the path that many entered. Because of the large size pliers in a sturdy frame with many functions you suddenly had a realization of the multifunctional mindset. Above in my article today I mentioned how the size of functions and so forth is an indication for what use it is made best for. The same thing goes with locking mechanisms. This was a factor I realized very early that a locking mechanism could enhance this to a great deal. Today the use of locking mechanisms on MTs is not far away. It is very normal and perhaps one of the key aspects of comfort, safety and overall satisfaction. It is not always so that it must have locking functions. The design of it can help holding the functions in place when using it. Never the less to be called full-sized and prepared MT it must have the locking possibility. On the wingman you have the combination of locking and none-lock functions. On such a tool it is ok. I am fine with it. On this MultiTool you also have a variation of large functions and small functions and as you know it is not always the case that large functions can take more force. It is just a general rule and for sure the Wingman it not is a category of the Wave or the SwissTools. It is just two different levels and that is how it is. Locking functions can never be replaced again. How would the best MTs today be without a lock? Not good that is for sure…….How is the Opinels without? Not the same for me that is for sure. So in my experience the complete MT got large locking functions and a complete design made to fulfill a package for people’s needs.

continues 12:37

If you collect, research or dedicate yourself to the Swiss knives you become a connoisseur for the slip-joint spring. I truly love the Slip-joint spring and in history we know that when the categories became larger the use of locking mechanisms was made with one intention and that is to prevent accidental closing. When Wenger introduced the large 130mm New Ranger knives we see a philosophy with the combination of locking functions and traditional slip-joint SAK design. A continuation of the 120mm category. The Swiss are exceptionally smart to make a design that prevents accidental closing. They realized that the large main knife blade usually always must have the lock to prevent accidental closing. What you get is a large safe blade that can be used for almost anything in the outdoors. With long, slim, sharp and precise blades that just as well can be used making food as for hunting. Wenger said that their philosophy implemented that in the outdoors size matters.

For traditional EDC the 85mm or 91mm Victorinox or Wenger knives goes a long way and one thing is for sure it is never just “filler” in the pocket, it will perform. It is truly one of the smartest knives to bring along.  Today the Swiza knives are also very much an alternative worth thinking about. They use locking main blade.

I also very much like Helle knives and I know that it is difficult to replace a slip-joint knife with a fixed blade. With locking mechanism you kind of enter into the same. The absolute best philosophy I learned is combinations.


two great knives!

To complete the article and talk today I would once again mention some factors. Some factors can be made to increase the safety and comfort and together with locking functions you get what tip the design into a greater realm. I really enjoy discussing the Victorinox 111mm slide-lock category and the 111mm liner-locking models.

In this case I would continue the text on the large Wenger knives. The 120mm category made by Wenger is a really nice large category with locking blades. Having a large screwdriver with cap opener and the notch is nice. Cool, fun and very useful all the same. Wenger introduced on the new Ranger a push lock emblem to release the lock. It is a liner-lock like you also can find on the 120mm category but that had a slide release. The New Ranger 130mm category lifted it up and the New RangerGrip models just sat it ablaze.  This little design factor increased the comfort and and safety in my opinion.

The thing is that evolution is not a joke. It happens for a reason and on the MTs you have the same. Slide-open pliers, locking functions, designs and spring loaded pliers. Last mentioned you find on the wingman and I like it. You can find this on several MTs today.

From 2013 Victorinox re-designed and continued the Ranger 130mm category and it very nice too. Evolution is not something people are just rambling about. It is important and you have the same on most tools today. Electrical tools require safety features and so forth.

Old Ranger slide release for the liner-lock

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22.09 | 18:02

Hi! Very nice to hear. Best Regards Trond

22.09 | 17:01

You're welcome. I participated in the said NOCUS meeting in 1987, and received one of these knifes. Stil have it :)

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Hi, thank you vert much! Wenger used the name Packlock for the locking mechanism also called Packlock system. Best Regards

13.09 | 16:04

Hello - Love your site - Please can you clarify if this system called the paclock or padlock system? Thank you

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