It is unavoidable with SAKs to not be taken by the versatile presence. The functions and ingenuity can help form a person`s EDC-carry to become much more simple and easy. In a small package you can have the most important functions for the day or task in the distance. Just having this versatile option is relieving and true. Tools are very important and with the Swiss knives you get this with a quality that never stops working. Functions that are well thought-through for the time we live in. But not to forget that it is a continuation of the iconic invention and heritage. It all began in 1884 Victorinox say and this is very important.

Swiza AllBlack Orange
I really like the Swiza knives in AllBlack with handle colors and the AllBlack with black handles. They are neat!
Swiza got many different designs or the handle. I recommend looking into my Swiza pages and articles to the left.
Wenger Combination Tool evolution

Venturing into the Swiss Companies and knives you discover all the important factors and reasons for using stainless steel with high quality. Sometimes it is used passivation coatings or layers to change the appearance or to increase the corrosion resistance. Words like black oxide, PVD and Polispectral can be found, just to mention some that I have researched.  Coatings can have several reasons for why it is made and to mention one more factor it can be to also increase wear resistance believe it or not. This can be in the sense of preventing friction and so forth. It does spice up the existence a great deal because it must be considered a technological and quality development. The Swiss knives and the SAKs never stop developing and this is why we have the evolution. The Swiss knives adapt itself to the development of the society, innovations and demand.


We have the same thing with the scale materials, design,handle materials and decorations. Sometimes the design need a running change or it could be to increase the ergonomics and safety. This is nice and several color variations is really welcome here and believe it or not this was welcome all over the world. Decoration and artwork on the handle scales really helps further for me and I followed it. I really see no reason for why not when it is so fun and interesting “In the grasp of my hands I saw them and so it went”

Then Swiza came along after the dust settled and behold a new Swiss knife entered with a completely new look, design and construction. It became like a new light and this alternative was welcome.

Victorinox electricians blade
Wenger AP Snow
all the handles got variations in the Camo!
Victorinox economy made knife

Most functions got an evolution to them and this is fun because it adds to the flavor of the hobby.

To the untrained person it may look strange and maybe weird to be focused on such details. For us it is necessary.

To stop learning about the knives is not possible in any way because to be fully learned is not possible and can never happen anywhere. To float with the current is possible and to just enjoy the direction the hobby takes you and perhaps take part in it can be a choice for many. I really cannot see how it is possible to not

The Swiza knives got solid functions in a small package

13:22 services and civilians

Black to make it passive against shine and to increase other factors. All the functions are also black oxide coated.

Black oxide you can find used on several MultiTools and there are types of the black oxide as well. On Victorinox products this is used on tools for services. You can find this on several tools and not to forget also for civilian users that want such an alternative. I received information regarding this from Victorinox a good time back. The black oxide got minimum buildup and it also provides a small amount of corrosion resistance. The Victorinox products are known for using a very good stainless steel on the construction and components. Other components or materials used on them are also strong against corrosion. So with black oxide in addition to this then you have a tool that can be used almost anywhere.  In time from use the black surface will wear away depending on how many times it’s been cleaned and for how long used, this is obvious because it is not very wear resistant. In my opinion some of the coolest looking MTs are the ones with worn black oxide, it is really nice. The SwissTool standard to the right is used some and most of the blackening is still on.

On the left you see an older Leatherman Super Tool with what I remember to be black oxide, if not I will have to look it up again. This tool is never used and I got the original pouch for it and it also got the date marked on the inside of it (tool). I have nothing against Leatherman tools what so ever. They are high quality MTs, no doubt about it. I have a small collection of Leatherman knives and tools. I have used some too.

This Super Tool and the SwissTool is about the same size and would work rather for the same designation.

Depending on what service the plier head is for, it may have additional designs for crimping and military use.


Victorinox Spartan PS and Swiza AllBlack PVD

When it comes to PVD, Physical vapor deposition and Monochrome, Polispectral coatings then we are talking about more advanced and high tech functions.

PVD is a much more wear resistant coating compared to Black oxide and it got some abilities for preventing corrosion that is higher. It is also obvious a coating to make the surface more passive. This you can find information on and about on the internet and also some on my Swiza collected information and impressions to the left in the lineup. None of the types of coatings are fully anti reflective.

Polispectral is a coating that is made with the intention of a coating that will reflect light in different variations and spectrum; this is depending on angle and light in the surroundings. This you can find information on and about on the internet. It is a more advanced type and also a bit expensive.





If any one doubts that the Swiss Army Knife or Swiss knives are not educational then I can prove otherwise. In the process of learning about the history, evolution, milestones and products you will hear about the materials used in them. The properties of stainless steel, aluminum and brass just to mention a few will be out there to discover. I am not official in my information about the Swiss Companies and in many ways it can be ok because this means I am free. Anyhow, let’s do some examples on what I discovered.

The stainless steel used by Victorinox for example is a type that is directed at most areas of use. It is usually not a hard steel but rather points towards the softer side and the advantages with this is there and the most important factor i will mention about first. The first is that it is very easy to sharpen and to do maintenance on. Next is the very good ability to prevent corrosion. Steels that are hard and chips will  be a nightmare to sharpen, at least in the outdoors. That said this depends on use, steel types and edge angle with design. For normal use better steels will last longer between mainteance. Victorinox knives and steel is perfect for EDC because of precision. The functions are also made of a good stainless steel and they are solid enough for what it was designed at and made for. Nothing wrong there and during my process of learning I received very good information from Victorinox that you can find to the left in a page called Victorinox steel, check it out. Stainless steel develops an oxide film when exposed to air that prevents corrosion! Did you know?


Aluminum is also a material I learned much from and how it develops an oxide film in contact with oxygen that prevents further oxidation. This surface layer will protect the aluminum from changes and it will or can be developed harder depending on what anodizing process.


Wenger is also a Company I learned a great deal from and on and about the materials and steel. I tested a few things myself and got very impressed with the 130mm New RangerGrip models.


Swiza is a Company that uses a very good stainless steel so nothing negative to mention at all there.


Wenger made a profound impression on me with the handle designs and materials. In the history of this Company they used several materials and designs. When they started with the 85mm evolution running change then something happened. From the beginning of the 2000s until 2013 they made a staggering number of very interesting handle colors, designs and coatings applied. To mention one is the AP Snow camouflage system that is a complete artwork in my eyes. This was a licensed system and on the 130mm New Ranger models this is just superb. Such designs can be in the realm of peoples interests and so on too. Not the smartest knife to drop in the snow maybe. Never the less because of this design and how this coating was applied it prevented knives to be completely the same. I never found any knife design that is completely the same. Which is cool in my book and the same thing you could find on the other camouflage systems used by Wenger. In my pages on you can find different Wenger knives with designs to the left in the lineup.



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