Leatherman makes high quality products and i have no doubts. The picture is just symbolic because it shows a strap cutter that is also used sometimes for a belt-cutter. The OHT got many functions besides this strap-cutter that are better designed for rescue. It is a very good tool. I prefer SAKs because they are closest to my philosophy of use.

At Similar designs can be found single in a very small format in a plastic holder. Some are designed to be held between two fingers and some got a very small handle. Some are also larger in size and are designed to cut more than just flat materials that are thin.

I do not agree that these are sufficient rescue blades. They are made to be used in a pulling motion and sometimes it requires force. First it is the little size that is the problem and designed for flat materials. It is difficult for many to have finger strength enough to pull it across the seat belt. Because it is very small it can disappear easy. It must be stored or hanging from a known location all the time. When these cut they have a tendency to fold the seatbelt and this makes the belt material thicker and it will require more force to cut. They are better than nothing that said.

In a car it can be either the rescue personnel or the person trapped inside that must cut free. Upside down is a thing that confuses people and sometimes things are damaged so one cannot release the belt. When you drive into a lake or water then you only got a few seconds to cut free before you are under water. Small belt-cutters will be dangerous to rely on. A safety knife must be in a pouch that you can reach all the time. It must be OH and have a locking mechanism. It must have some size and be a professional rescue blade.

Another factor with small belt-cutters is that it does not cut evenly across, it may wander a bit in the material before you are released.

Professional rescue blades cut controlled, precise, secure and fast.



Some single small cutters are also designed to be pushed and that is even worse..

24.01.2021 No limitations

On TV and on the web you may experience how strap cutters with a rather similar configuration as the one above can be versatile. If animals for example are entangled in fishing line, nets and equipment they can be very versatile.

 It can be sad to see how things can cause injury and suffering for animals like fish, seal and birds just to mention a few. In some cases it is deep into the flesh of the animals and if the rope/line must be removed quickly then people use strap cutters for example. I always take notice when knives and cutting tools are used.  For safety knives the size matters because it will save time and a knife blade is much more versatile. On Leatherman MTs you really got larger and smaller functions so many of them are very good. Having a cutting tool is always important because you may need it! There is a jump from a traditional slip-joint up to one with lock. It is also a big jump up from the traditional nail-nick to the one hand opening blade. In situations on animals it is difficult because for sure a wild animal will not stay still so the strap cutters can be very good. I am for as many functions as possible and I am for all types of knives from the world. Just because my main focus is SAKs and knives from Switzerland it does not mean I limit myself at all. It is a large world of knives out there. I find knives from Switzerland to be a very good option, alternative or solution for many things. To rely on a strap cutter alone I find to be very risky in deed.


The small gutting blades above and on the right got a completely rounded tip section. I have spoken about this before. The thing with SAKs is that you can take out individual designated tools even like the Cheese knives and find that they are not limited by this designation. The main blade got a combination edge and locking mechanism that for sure would do short work with many materials. You will find as I mentioned before very dedicated special purpose SAKs. In general they are not limited because this we can see clearly. Many SAKs got standard functions and if you look upon the 111mm liner-locking category best portrayed on the New Soldier 2008 type. Then you will see the absolute best combination and selection of functions. If you have such functions plus additional functions then you are on the right path. The Victorinox locking large gutting/rescue blade is a very incredible function. It is really good. Another factor I learned is how pruning blades in history cannot be limited by such a designation. Such shapes have seen use in a wide spectrum of areas. To have a foundation of functions on your SAKs will only increase the safety. This is clear to see on the 91mm Spartan too.

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Hi, thank you very much for question. There are some on ebay, the prices are high. I recommend groups on Facebook, from time to time they are there. BR

23.04 | 09:36

Where may I buy the above knife (old Wenger)? Thanks for your help.

29.03 | 00:28

Hi, thank you very much for message. Yes please send pictures to Best Regards Trond

28.03 | 21:58

I have one with the capital V on Victorinox (1987), but the spring mentioned isn't there, and the date suggested is pre 1986.

Can I send some pictures to you?

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