Advertising and some more

Corkscrew is intact on both. One tiny spot i will remove on the blade :)

Today I would like to write some more about some factors that I know many collectors are using in their quest for SAKs. I can explain the things that I am looking for when I find knives regarding condition. The first thing that I am interested in is the functionality. I enjoy and prefer when I can get full functionality because I find this the most important thing. There will always be production variations with some of the precision and time windows. Things like this we learn from looking on SAKs that’s never been used. I do not like broken and bent functions. If the edge is very dull with some small damages it is easy to fix by just putting on a new edge. Then the functionality is restored and this I find fun to do. It is not a negative thing for me but for sure a crisp and untouched edge is a bonus I must say too. I know some polish the scales because it is very rare to find used knives with perfects scales and that is also a factor that I look for. I do not like warped or damages scales that would influence the functionality. It is easy to put on new scales but again this will not be a SAK that’s fully representing its time window! I have implemented this philosophy in my collections and 99% is in very good condition. I mentioned that some polish the scales and yes it is possible to some degree to do this. I usually never do this.

On the pictures today you can see two market finds. One 3.3600 economy Spartan from approx. 1980 and this one is in very good condition with practically unused functions. It only got some very small scratches on the scales that are very normal as mentioned. The hot stamped emblem is fully intact and that is a bonus. I usually always buy these because I study them. It was a bit dirty so I cleaned and oiled it some afterwards. The other knife is an advertising model that is very similar to the Tourist model today. This one is from the early 1980s. This leads me to talks some on advertising. Advertising on the blades is a more neutral way of advertising a Company. Sulzer is a famous Company from Switzerland that you can find much information on out there.

I mentioned above in my article today on what I am looking for. It is important with functionality to have good spring tension and the ability to hold the functions well in open and closed position. The advertising SAK needed a good cleaning and I put on a wicked edge on it. The sounds and springs are fully intact and the functions got a precision and design that is similar to unused knives. Because of dirt some of the functions did not open and close with comfort before. I also look on the flat screwdriver tip on the can opener to see if it is bent or damaged. It is intact and that is nice. From time to time you can find knives with much corrosion and oxidized aluminum. I do not buy them! If it is just some small rust spots on the steel then some Ballistol will do the trick.  It is for sure that knives from Switzerland are the best against rust. It is a fact that I discovered looking on knives from all over the world. The fully polished springs and parts is something that really helps the cleaning and functionality. Not to forget the steel too.

Another factor that is important to know about is that there should not be any play in the slip-joint mechanism and or any side to side play with the functions. The durability of the Swiss spring is very good as I mentioned before.  Regardless of what some say it is a fact that a Swiss Army Knife or a Swiss knife is a high quality product. They stand the tests of time and that is important to know.

Now to a factor that is special and that is advertising knives. In some cases it is ok to collect knives that could be called in poor condition if the advertising is a bit special. This is because some collect and focus only on the advertising. It is fully ok to do this. It is a big bonus if the knife got full functionality and look like new. This gives the best feeling for me. To be honest is usually use all the factors on advertising SAKs too.


-Some more regarding SAKs that could be in less to poor condition. This is the knowledge factor about stamps, emblems and evolution. It is ultra-important to be aware that a broken SAK can have some very important details on them. This can be small modification done by the factories regarding evolution and the constant quality development. I know there are collectors of used and abused knives that got some serious knowledge about their interest so please do not jump to a negative conclusion.

Some of the factors mentioned today I have mentioned before but I hope it can be of some inspiration

I do not believe it is any special with the Sulzer advertising. I like it anyway and since the SAK got such a good functionality i am ok with it. One little damage on the left scale but nothing that affects functionality for me.

" It is important to know that not all advertisings can be official"


Advertising SAKs from 1961-1985, one used alot, the others some

Here you see a selection of Victorinox advertising SAKs with blue scales and inlays that survived the tests of time. It was a small period which some blue scales had a material that had some problems. These knives you see on the pictures have been very educational for me. The most interesting one is for sure the 74mm SAK. I have never collected the older blue scales very much. Over the years I have seen several older 84mm knives for Hoffritz by Victorinox. Usually they are ok but some had the issue with scales that could react badly. The 100% reason is still unknown. Victorinox makes quality knives so it would never be a problem with the warranty. I have mentioned many times that Swiss knives are among the knives which take the tests of time very well and the best of all pocket knives. They will last and last. Unfortunately it is not possible to give 100% information regarding the inlays besides what the company and shipping designations says. These are easy to find. What are difficult to know 100% are how many each Company ordered and what year exactly? Some knives could have been issued to workers, while some could be for officials. Some could be given as gifts for people outside. What I find very helpful is the evolution we know from Victorinox. Take some into consideration that advertising SAKs and different categories may have variations in the date and evolution. Whatever questions that comes out may require some further research and knowledge will be gathered. This is very educational. Another factor is the advertising itself (I call them advertising knives, they could also be considered outside that’s sphere sometimes) I learn what Company it is for, what shipping or industrial Company. I learn some about their history and evolution. By doing so you learn factors that can be helpful when you find other knives. Perhaps two Companies can be related or changed owners and name. This goes on and on….



The 74mm Executive is for Hoffritz which Victorinox made knives for. I have never seen a 74mm with this configuration for them (blue and inlay)


The scales I mentioned that could react badly I have seen on blue scales from late 60s and early 70s if I remember correct. Not only for Hoffritz. I would be careful what oil you use, perhaps leave it dry.


You can find Shipping SAKs made by Victorinox with the Hoffritz tang stamp. You can find information on this on Sakwiki. The advertising is for a well-known Company.




I may sound on a different wave length from time to time and I know it can be difficult for some to follow when we are talking SAK collecting language. I try to keep it to a level so most can follow.



Here you see what I wrote the other day on my FrontPage: One is a really nice and educational shipping advertising 74mm blue Hoffritz Executive configuration. There are many factors on the functions that guide me into the mid-1970s, the scissors, tang stamp, Orange peeler function design and so forth. On Sakwiki you can find some information on such too. When the inlay advertising was made is a question. The other one is a very nice EKA advertising knife for SANDVIK! 12:45 The Hoffritz SAK got the four line backside tang stamp, also notice the older design on the nail-file. The Orange peeler tool got the serrations, fine screwdriver and sharp hook. The tweezers got the aluminum head. The scissors spring got the older design. There are several variations on the Orange Peeler, to me it could be a 1975 design on the waves/serrations and design. This SAK is very educational both in the advertising and the SAK with functions. I believe this executive is extra interesting for the date purposes. I have mid-1970s for the SAK itself for now. The advertising itself could be close or later. I am not sure about what material is used for the inlay. It is difficult to tell. Another interesting factor on these is that the liners are not aluminum; it looks to be nickel-silver. Not 100% sure. 13:36 there are several collectors you can look into for 74mm, example LEAF. I have seen a good number of blue 84mm with Hoffritz over the years. I have never seen this configuration by Hoffritz with shipping advert......For sure it is a Victorinox SAK:)

30.11.2020 Educational

Today I am really happy because of two Victorinox 74mm Alox in black with advertising are new in the collection. These two are in very nice condition too. One of them actually got the same functions as the Executive. The two new knives are the BarberLines and Munksjö. This is very helpful for me and educational.




It does not look like the functions were used. The barber lines is a Victoria stamped blade with old spring on the scissors. The Munksjö got the waves on the orange peeler that is not deep. They are probably both late 1960s-1970s. I will show them in the coming days. It is not easy finding any information on these. They are the most difficult SAKs to research. They all got Victorinox type stamps.


01.12.2020 functions

Here you can see the functions on the Alox Executive.

Old style nail-file and cleaner!

Here you can see the orange peeler tool with hook and screwdriver tip. I had to use some light for my pictures today which is not my favorite thing to do.

02.12.2020 Shipping

Today I would like to show the barber lines 74mm Alox model. This is a Victoria stamped backside blade. It clearly got older designs and details that guide me into late 1960s-early 1970s. This model has been referred with different names and on Sakwiki you can find some information on this. Names mentioned (for example lady Victoria and Ambassador). On this configuration it is most likely no name involved. It probably only had a number when it was made and a unisex model. Basically it is an advertising designation.

The quality and durability on all these alox scaled 74mm knives are very high. I mentioned yesterday how I prefer natural light for pictures and especially sunlight. I love the sun and yesterday I managed to receive a few minutes on my face. Soon the sun will turn and in a couple months the light will start to recharge me. Over the years I learned different technics for picture purposes. It is also fun to do I must admit. The condition on this advertising SAK is beautiful. The springs are not large but for sure they got a very nice tension with a precise functionality. On the internet on different places I found some information regarding the advertising. I am not 100% sure yet but it could be related to the Barber Lines by Wilhelm Wilhelmsen shipping Company. It is open for now……I am rather 100% actually it is barber ship management for the barber lines created 1969.


The VICTORIA crossbow stamp you will find at different dates in history. It can be found on several categories and SAKs.

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The 120mm continued after the New Ranger. They had Patent and not pat pend. I say pat pend first then patent next. But! Wenger did many variations! :)

03.01 | 15:08

The old Ranger 120mm is from 1991, on my 1993 it is pat pend I have seen it on 1991 too and Swissbuck as well! Wenger can be a minefield because of variations

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It is a superb question. Wenger used different stamps, some because of european laws. Usually the quality and steel is the same. Which is first? Not sure.

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Hi! Sorry for late answer. I have seen many variations with Wenger, please send pic to

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