Rose Edition


Here is my latest Wenger 75mm Rose Edition with the 1990s configuration and design. It got the developed construction with slip-joint springs that are not part of the liners. It got the printed emblem and Rose.  Before this it had several different hot stamped and embossed designs both emblem end rose. You can also find variations in that combination. I recommend looking at my page on these knives “rose 75mm” I am looking for production variations and I am pretty sure this one is helpful too. The scissors used on these got several small production variations and on some of these the scissors got a bit wider gap that I am looking into. On this the scissors got a tight assembly towards the integrated spring in open position. This got to do with the stop function that Wenger made inside them. Some of the earlier ones got a freer stopper with some extra play. They all work well. This I can show later this week, I have explained some on this before as well.

slim but useful blade


Today i will explain and talk some about the scissors constructions as i promised yesterday. It is a lovely day to talk knives. On the two pictures today you see two Rose Edition 75mm category Wenger knives. These got the old and new rose icons on the scales. The constructions of the SAKs are also the old and new.

The scissors also got some differences and this you can see on the two pictures today.  Wenger incorporated a set of motion with a stop function for maximum open and closed position. The older construction typically got a bit wider gap that is not in contact with the integrated spring. This is not a mistake, it is a production variation that is typically on the scissors used before the new assembly and icons was made. That does not mean that this will not be found on the newer design. It is just more typical to find the tight construction on the new.

Because this extra gap towards the integrated spring system you get a bit wider jaw gap on the scissors. It does not influence functionality.

The older design got a gap with variations


I also got this picture for you today with some information on the tweezers. The typical Rose Edition did not have toothpick. The tweezers was implemented in the construction and it altered side with the more modern design.

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29.11 | 21:40

Hi, thank you very much for question. I am not sure. I know there are modders that manage unbelievable things. BR

29.11 | 17:26

Hi again trond. Was wondering if you could put scissors from the Classic SD onto a tinker? Thank you

26.11 | 16:24

Hi, thank you very much for question. The brass rivets/pins should be the same on the 91mm if same age. There could be some diff. tolerances.
BR Trond

26.11 | 16:16

Hello Trond. Are the copper rivets on the Victorinox Huntsman and the Deluxe Tinker the same? Thank you

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