Rescue and safety knives come in many forms and it is not a new invention. Swiss Army Knives are very good safety and rescue knives because they are quality made. Versatile SAKs with several functions can increase every aspect of what the complete philosophy for safety is about.

Single blade options with plain, wavy or combination edges influence all the factors. On the pictures today you see a well-used Victorinox knife I have used for years on the water in salt environments and it is still going strong. The other knife is made by a maker I have not researched yet. The design and construction I have seen several of over the years. It is made with large pieces of cork so it will float. This is a design that has been used for a lot of different applications over the years. Examples are for fishing, life-vests, and other safety applications.

It is educating because it is a safety factor on the water to not drop you blades so it will disappear to the bottom. If you drop your blades in a situation you may be in trouble. I have restored the cork blade and sharpened it. It is a low cost knife with questionable quality. The blade is very thin and it is flexible so it can reach tight places. Never the less I am very sure a person would be very glad to have it in an emergency.

The carry system you use for your blades influence the safety. It should be carried in a pouch or in a pocket that is easy to reach all the time. A lanyard can have a loop for the hand so you will not drop it. It requires some training to be comfortable with safety.

The cork knives i have seen with different blade designs and it also got a lanyard hole.

Safety must not be forgotten


The New Solder 2008 type continues to be one of my favorite 111mm models. It got most aspects into one package and quality. I could go on and on writing about this design and construction. In reality most cutting tools could be considered a safety knife. One could say there are many levels on what could be considered the best. Because this SAK was designed for use in the field by soldiers you have the little extra there. Today Victorinox makes several models into the same sphere of design and quality. There are many SAKs to choose from and that is a good thing. Safety knives must not be underestimated and by this I mean it should not be forgotten like many do. You can mention it and some would say it is not necessary. Well, it is 100% necessary and having additional tools and functions increase the safety very much.



It is time for an update on safety, perhaps boring old news for some but here we go! Something there or not?

I am a person that really dislike when knives are misused for violence, and yes there has been situations in which people have used them for such. I am interested and I study for myself on knife combat. To learn what is the best tool so I can know better what I am talking about. I study only the best!

Every sharp knife is a potential dangerous weapon. Folding knives are always secondary for such but for sure can be dangerous too. The steel used on SAKs can get very sharp but it is not the sharpest steels in the world anymore. It is a serious matter when knives are misused but I am also very sad when people identify a folding knife as more dangerous than a fixed blade. If people used a folding knife against a skilled person then he or she would get a terrible surprise when the blade folds over their fingers.

The SAK philosophy is a good knife and not specifically designed for combat. For sure the larger locking blades can be far more dangerous there. Fighting with such can be implemented in military training across the world but it is not the ideal weapon at all. SAKs are mainly a utility tool with different functions for all types of outdoors, crafts and sports. I have never experienced when talking with SAK specialists that they would consider them to be ideal for anything besides this.

All this mentioned: -it is 100% sure that I would never underestimate them if used wrong. If you look on the history of the Swiss Army Knives you can clearly see the purpose of the Soldiers and Officers knives. It is clear as day that they are tools in the field for not only soldiers but also for sports, utility, crafts and all types of outdoors activity. One must look upon the history correctly. In the evolution of the knives you can see modifications to the assembly and springs. This can be to prevent accidental closing and comfort with safety. SAKs are professional tools with some better than others. For example the 111mm liner-locking category is an example. Knives designed for services, including military. These are just as good for civilians. I would actually recommend them because they are safer knives and will prevent accidental closing.

Wenger designed in the 1970s a locking mechanism that could be used on the 85mm category to prevent accidental closing because of injuries that people got when using a folding knife without lock. There is no doubts that SAKs are quality knives but it is important not to type cast the MacGyver knives as a stabbing tool. So once again I hope people never misuse a SAK because they are loved knives by people all over the world. It is a multi-functional knife that is truly wonderful.

Remember that the safest knives are very sharp, clean and ready because you never know when you are going to need it. Before combat knives I studied very hard on rescue and safety knives because I know the route to take. I know how a professional would fight with them. It is a very sad and terrible thing when knives are misused for violence.

"It cannot be mentioned too many times!"

It is no point by saying that negative factors overshadow the Swiss knives reputation because almost any person would look upon them as helpful tools for work, EDC and sports. SAKs and Swiss knives are excellent for safety. The combination blades with locking mechanisms can save a life in seconds.


Saber grind, Perfect for hunting.....This is a different blade design compared to the spearpoints..


Most SAKs got the traditional “spear point blade” and the small pen blade. You can find several types and blade designs on Swiss knives. The design of the spear point blade would for sure be a penetrating design. It is also a design that you find on a huge number of pocket-knives across the world. Most SAKs use traditional slip-joint spring design. It is fully possible to use a folding slip-joint blade for many things. The biggest factor I know about this blade design is that it is one of the most versatile blade and tip design for everything but violence. It is perhaps one of the most versatile designs on any pocket knife type.

These blades can reach tight places and works very well for precision carving and cutting tasks. Many call the blades as pen blades and the reason for this is because the spear point blades on SAKs are usually not true spear point, this  because it is single edged with little swedge but rather a gradually tapering towards the tip. This is my view on it. The SAK blades are rounded to be comfortable for the fingers in different positions for carving and for precision. I am sure there are many views on what is a spear point too.

The typical 91mm Officers blade and knife is as far from any violence product as you can get. The blades are sharp and slim and therefore it can be dangerous if misused. I know it may sound obscured to even mention that such blades are used for violence. There are some cases from the world as mentioned and this is a shame in deed. This must not overshadow the good thing and I feel it is dangerous not to defend this!

In some sences it can sound as nit-picking to mention and go into such themes.  I learned that from the study of SAKs that the correct use of them is always the opposite of violence. It is the true thing!



As long as anything is a knife you will have the duality of what could be dangerous. It is the same with locking mechanisms, one hand opening and other mechanisms. It is in reality a crying shame that such great inventions used on "every day knives" are illegal in some countries. It is simply destroyed by the misuse and violence across the globe. Some got is out spring from violence in the design.

Knives with locking mechanism, one hand opening and safety features can be life savers and they do save lives across this planet.

Here in Norway we have a good law that says "no knives on a public place without a worthy reason for having it"

It is ok!



Victorinox Climber with attached Pocket Clip. Knives with functions are perfect for safety! "One would not cut the rope With the can opener and one would not open the can or turn a screw with the blade :)"

I will finish up this updated article today with some more information on my views on knives. It is dangerous that people forget how to use knives. The stigma will only decrease the knowledge about knives. The result is that the percentage of people that know about knives in a good way will decrease. That is not a good evolution. Because of knife laws we get less people having knives in an emergency which is very negative but that is how it is. We must have laws too. We also get belt cutters and cutting tools that could be used. These can be of no use in some cutting situations and these are only a secondary emergency tool.

27.12.2020 best alternative

EDC can be a million things and there is no perfect recipe for it. I learned from senior knife people that the perfect knife does not exist. This is very true! There is no perfect knife or EDC choice. -The best alternative and good knowledge exist. Having several functions turns out to be the best in a modern world. I also learned that it is not so dumb to have two separate knives. That philosophy can be what makes the abilities and safety much better. Today there are so many nice products to decide from. I do not believe people are even aware about the knife heaven the modern world has become. Pinch yourself in the arm and realize because that is what I do.


The left knife on the picture to the right is the Victorinox Hunter Pro M and this is a designated folder for hunters. It is also one of the best alternatives I have seen for a safety knife. The only factor that could improve it is by having a combination edge. I have used the normal hunter pro in black and orange on the water. When Victorinox improved it with the lanyard possibility then the safety factor improved a great deal too. It is a hand bliss knife with an ergonomics that is just supernatural.


I use the same philosophy with learning about safety knives that the “perfect knife does not exist» there is no perfect recipe for this either. Swiss Army Knives got thousands of models in the history. Some knives can be “safety” knives without the cutting edge. There are several stories that screwdrivers, the wood saw and other functions saved the day. My personally educated view on safety/rescue blades you can see on my pages.

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The 120mm continued after the New Ranger. They had Patent and not pat pend. I say pat pend first then patent next. But! Wenger did many variations! :)

03.01 | 15:08

The old Ranger 120mm is from 1991, on my 1993 it is pat pend I have seen it on 1991 too and Swissbuck as well! Wenger can be a minefield because of variations

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It is a superb question. Wenger used different stamps, some because of european laws. Usually the quality and steel is the same. Which is first? Not sure.

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Hi! Sorry for late answer. I have seen many variations with Wenger, please send pic to

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