2018 edition


Finally i have the Pioneer 93mm Limited 2018 «berry red» Alox. This is the number four in the history of the special Limited models made for each year with different color. It is a high end product without any doubt. I like the 93mm category the best of all the Alox products. It got that sturdy hefty design and quality. Also a Cadet and Classic model is released with the berry red color. I hope you could take the time to visit me on facebook as well on the Pura Victorinox page!




This is just going to be some easy text regarding the ribbed Alox scales you find on the 93mm Pioneer Range. From 1957 until today you find the checkered scales with several colors in history. You find different emblem designs and tang stamps as you know. It could be some different names used on the pattern on the Alox knives. On the pictures you see some 93mm models with checkered scales. I personally call them ribbed and if you take a look on the Victorinox information you see that they also call it ribbed. Anyhow expect on the internet that you find different names for this with checkered as one name.

Victorinox call the Alox scales to be punched from aluminum and embossed with a ribbed pattern. This you find on their website on the limited Alox models with such a pattern. The pioneer Range 93mm scales from 1957 until today got a few different small design modifications. In general the scales are very similar from the beginning. The older Cadet 84mm had a different design with ribbed lines.

The modern Alox models are anodized a bit better and you can find recycled aluminum used for example. The 93mm category is phenomenal and as you know you will find different dividers used in history as well.

From the top 93mm Pioneer Limited 2015-2019, embossed with a ribbed pattern Alox

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21.01 | 09:23

Hi, thank you very much! I believe it could be because of them having different additional functions, example scraper and so forth. BR Trond

21.01 | 09:08

Hi! Thank you very much for question. The awl and chisel can be sharpened by following the grinded angle on them. I will have it in my mind. BR Trond

21.01 | 04:14

Now my question: how come that Vic has got TWO versions of an orange peeling tool in their "small" series. Oranges are not really that important here....

21.01 | 04:08

Hi there, first of all, compliments for this great compilation. the best for SAKs i've seen so far. just one question that only you may anwer (?): see next post

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