2018 edition with 2015-2020


Finally i have the Pioneer 93mm Limited 2018 «berry red» Alox. This is the number four in the history of the special Limited models made for each year with different color. It is a high end product without any doubt. I like the 93mm category the best of all the Alox products. It got that sturdy hefty design and quality. Also a Cadet and Classic model is released with the berry red color. I hope you could take the time to visit me on facebook as well on the Pura Victorinox page!




This is just going to be some easy text regarding the ribbed Alox scales you find on the 93mm Pioneer Range. From 1957 until today you find the checkered scales with several colors in history. You find different emblem designs and tang stamps as you know. It could be some different names used on the pattern on the Alox knives. On the pictures you see some 93mm models with checkered scales. I personally call them ribbed and if you take a look on the Victorinox information you see that they also call it ribbed. Anyhow expect on the internet that you find different names for this with checkered as one name.

Victorinox call the Alox scales to be punched from aluminum and embossed with a ribbed pattern. This you find on their website on the limited Alox models with such a pattern. The pioneer Range 93mm scales from 1957 until today got a few different small design modifications. In general the scales are very similar from the beginning. The older Cadet 84mm had a different design with ribbed lines.

The modern Alox models are anodized a bit better and you can find recycled aluminum used for example. The 93mm category is phenomenal and as you know you will find different dividers used in history as well.

From the top 93mm Pioneer Limited 2015-2019, embossed with a ribbed pattern Alox



Finally I got the Limited 2019 84mm Cadet. This is a beautiful SAK with the wonderful precision that Victorinox is known for. If you read the little paper information in your box you can see the extra steps made by Victorinox on the Limited models each year. The Cadet in silver Alox or in other colors is one of the most popular EDC Alox SAKs across the globe. It is super slim with high functionality and quality. I have mentioned many times about the serious precision on the Cadet. It is just superb and it is a model I recommend strongly. I would not disagree if anyone calls the Champagne Gold or limited Alox 84mm Luxury editions of the iconic Cadet. It is in my opinion luxury I many ways. The Alox models are known to stand the test of time. The functions on the Alox 93mm with construction seen above and the Alox 84mm cannot be compared because of the robust construction on the 93mm. The 84mm takes back with a very lightweight and slim carry that suits or fulfills EDC choices. Once again I would like to say that the steel used on the blades, functions, springs and assembly are all high quality. That the blade would require regular sharpening is not negative. It is done in seconds. I have never heard anytime for as long as I have been into SAKs that the Victorinox SAKs would fail in quality. It is kind of interesting that many steel enthusiasts love Victorinox and SAKs. It is worth having in mind. Another very interesting factor is that the Alox models are great value for the money. They are well above the limit……..


Still The Best!


Today I received my 93mm Limited Pioneer 2020 SAK model in Aqua Blue. It is always a moment I am looking forward to each year. My main focus is the 93mm Pioneer Models every year. I also have a few Cadets and Classic Alox editions. I can also mention the usual information that the color used on the Alox models are very difficult to show on a picture. It is a beautiful color called Aqua Blue related to the Alpine lakes. The precision on the Alox pocket knives is extra ordinary and without any doubts these are world class pocket knives. I know this!



2015-2020 Pioneer colors.....

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03.01 | 15:26

The 120mm continued after the New Ranger. They had Patent and not pat pend. I say pat pend first then patent next. But! Wenger did many variations! :)

03.01 | 15:08

The old Ranger 120mm is from 1991, on my 1993 it is pat pend I have seen it on 1991 too and Swissbuck as well! Wenger can be a minefield because of variations

03.01 | 15:04

It is a superb question. Wenger used different stamps, some because of european laws. Usually the quality and steel is the same. Which is first? Not sure.

03.01 | 14:48

Hi! Sorry for late answer. I have seen many variations with Wenger, please send pic to trondsak@sakhome.com

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