D06 Black


This is my latest Swiza knife and this is the D06 Black model. Black is not a color they say still you cannot go wrong with choosing black for almost any EDC. It does not matter what kind of dress people wear with black handle scales. The Swiza knives comes very sharp right out of the box, this knife was extra sharp and very close to my preferred sharpness on Swiss knives that is a bit crazy sharp. The D06 got the Phillips driver and wood saw that makes it a bit better equipped for tasks that require such functions. You can with the little flat screwdriver tip on the can opener that can be used as a flat Phillips driver and the backside Phillips driver get much versatile EDC out of it. The larger flat screwdriver is also helpful so you have good flat and Phillips selection or possibilities. I like the quality feeling I get from these Swiss knives. This knife is really smart to bring in a pocket for all types of tasks. Some may feel that because there are so many functions and that it may feel heavy it could be less suited for easy EDC or to be carried in a suit. The wood saw is maybe involved there to be a function you do not need for suit carry. It all depends and it is very smart and quality made. The D06 is a very nice choice for EDC. I like this hefty construction and multifunctional knives. 112 grams with stainless steel liners, thick rivets and springs. Solid functions and blade + the edge on the reamer awl got a sharp edge and the can opener edge is also sharp enough.

I have found Swiza knives several places in Norway already.

D05 black 19.02.2019

This is my latest Swiza knife and it is the D05 black model. It is very similar to the D06 black model above. The difference is that the D05 got the corkscrew function.

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27.07 | 19:11

Thank you, Greetings from Norway! This is very interesting I did not know this. Thanks! Best Regards

27.07 | 18:35

Greetings from Hungary! Did you know that the head curve "inspired" the Spyderco Hungarian folder?
Exactly by a Hungarian designer who works for Spyderco (I can't remember his name)

26.07 | 19:31

Hi, thank you very much. I am very glad to hear the infirmation is helpful. Best Regards Trond

26.07 | 16:51

Thanks for this unvaluable information. I´ll translate to spanish for other victorinox fans.

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