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It is time for two advertising Victorinox SAKs found on a market. The first thing I did was to sharpen and clean them very well. Next is the regular oil for the friction parts. Both SAKs got full functionality again and I am very glad to find these two and both of them are educational. I will write some words and show some of what is interesting.

The first thing I do is to make some mental notes and pre date them before I do any search on the web. Early 1980s was my first impression which is probably in the ball park. The 91mm got the same functions you find on the Climber before 1991 only without the key ring which could be the Traveller model then. The reason for why I say early 1980s is because it got no 90 degree stop on the flat screwdriver with cap opener and notch. There is no sewing eye on the awl plus some other factors.  I do believe it could be a bit special because it is advertising with a good number of functions and if we turn the page over you see a color printed emblem on the backside. It is not rare to find the emblem on the backside but this is print in the 1980s.

Without any 100% confirmation it seems Victorinox got history with the Swiss Schindler Company. On the web you can find information on this Company and I found on the web some information on the Company logo change in 1985! The only thing is that it should have red stripes then again you cannot have red on red. I have seen on advertising knives with some improvisation done with Company logos and profiling. The corkscrew is without decoration groove and this you can find at this time on some knives. The spring where the awl rest is also the pre 1985 type. To me this knife is 1980-1985 and the advert could be issued in 1985. It is impossible to be 100% but for sure the indications on the functions are there.

The next is a very nice 84mm Tourist. Both SAKs got some scratches on the scales but I do not want to polish them. This 84mm got metal inlay and on the 84mm line you cannot use the awl dates the same. Based on the functions and design this is a 1980-1985 knife too. I will have this just a bit open for now and focus on the inlay that is for a Norwegian Company with long history. On the web I found some very educational history on them. This 84mm do not have toothpick, tweezers or inlay. I have mentioned before you can find with or without and with different placing. You can find different inlay emblems, hot stamped and printed types. Both knives got the small v in victorinox. By collecting knives with norwegian designation and profiling I can learn more about the use of Swiss Army Knives in my country. 

09:30 Small blades are perfect for precision and EDC.


It is fully possible to polish blades with finer and finer paper and some compound if you want to. The best is to just clean, sharpen and oil them. There are many fun things to do with SAKs like the cleaning and sharpening. There are still some small things maybe on the small blade on the Fremo Stavern knife. It is ok for now. 

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