This is my latest advertising Wenger 85mm SAK above. It is in fair used condition. The advertising is interesting and educational. NIVA Norsk institutt for vannforskning (Norwegian Institute for Water Research). This is the advertising with basic line construction and it could be made around 1985 then again advertising SAKs can be different.

02.07.2021 4-H organization

This is my latest Wenger 85mm advertising SAK. The condition on this is just superb and it is never used. I wondered a bit first on the date for this knife by former Wenger. The paperwork with this says 2002 printed. It is not always sure to use this as a date for your knife. It is rather safe to say it is from 2002 and up. I have placed this around 2004 for now.

The 4-H organization is easy to find information about on the internet. For me this SAK is therefore educational which is nice in deed. The emblem or logo they use is very cool with the Clover containing 4-H letters which stands for Head, Heart, Hands and Health.


This SAK is without numbers or name designation on the box. This is typical and normal for such Swiss Army Knives. The emblem is a pad print type or similar. No toothpick or tweezers on it. This is a really nice knife with many good aspects going for it.

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